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Trenton, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --An on-the-job injury can be devastating for individuals and for families because oftentimes work is missed due to the injury, which causes loss in income. New Jersey has a worker's compensation program that helps clients get the money they deserve and the lawyers at Gaylord Popp in New Jersey know the laws, and will work hard to do this. The program is more than 100 years old and protects employees who have been injured or killed on the job, or who have come down with a long-term illness. The program provides medical treatment, income replacement, and permanent disability payment.

The New Jersey worker's compensation laws can be difficult to understand, employers often times attempt to avoid their obligation to their employees, and insurance companies try to avoid their fiscal duty. To avoid any one of these disruptions, the lawyers at Gaylord Popp can assure that each individual's rights are upheld, that full compensation will be given, and can help with each specific dispute along the process. Just one small mistake in the process could potentially cost a person the entire benefit. To avoid losing temporary and permanent compensation, a lawyer in New Jersey is available to provide support.

It is very important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to prevent waiving money that is rightfully the person's and families' who have been affected. All employees are granted certain rights, but might waive their rights to compensation without realizing it. Early along in the process, there is documentation regarding the incident. Employees are required to sign several documents, but it is important that one knows exactly what she/he is entitled to before signing.

Prospective clients have access to a free library at Gaylord Popp. This resource library is available to provide free guidance regarding worker's compensation, the New Jersey Worker's Compensation program, and what a Trenton area lawyer can do to help. The lawyers at Gaylord Popp specialize in worker's compensation and have successfully helped many clients get the compensation they deserve. The law firm in New Jersey offers affordable services so clients do not have to feel the financial burden and worry of legal fees.

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The 8 partners at Gaylord Popp specialize in 9 areas of legal solutions. The senior partner, Samuel Gaylord earned his law degree from the Seton Hall School of Law in the early 90s. Lawrence Popp, the co-founder of Gaylord Popp, earned his J.D. from Duquesne School of Law. Samuel Gaylord has been serving New Jersey residents since 2007. The lawyers at Gaylord Popp provide experience and knowledge, as well as a devotion to affordable legal services in New Jersey.

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