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Layla Sleep Has Introduced a Three-Layer Mattress Which Is Taking the Industry by Storm

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Freemont, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2017 --Layla Sleep, a specialist mattress company has raised intrigue within the industry with their unique memory foam mattresses. They have introduced a concept which has not been seen, it is known as 'flippable firmness'. The concept utilizes both sides of a mattress unlike the conventional one-sided mattress. On their website they have stated; 'Layla is the only mattress with two different firmness levels built in. Sleep on one side for a softer feel or flip it over for more firmness. So there's no need to flip out over firmness anymore.' Layla's unique mattresses are split into three sections; On the soft side a 3" copper-infused memory foam, in the middle 6" convoluted base foam and on the firm side 1" copper-infused memory foam. A company spokesperson said the following about the way the mattresses are designed; 'High-Density Memory Foam infused with copper provides cooling and excellent blood circulation. Our durable Base Foam allows maximum airflow while providing you long lasting support. The second layer of High-Density Memory Foam infused with copper allows you to flip the mattress for a firmer feel.' It is not only the quality of their mattresses which is receiving limelight; recently Layla announced a new partnership with Episcopal Community Services. Akbar Sheikh, co-founder of Layla sleep said, 'It is a very simple concept, every time someone buys a mattress from us, one of the homeless get to sleep on a bed that night. This new partnership lets us help someone less fortunate than us and make sure that a homeless person will sleep on a mattress as well.' Additionally Bruce Burry, director of development at Episcopal Community Services said in regards to the partnership; 'The kind of funding that will come from Layla will allow us to continue to treat the residents of our shelters with the kind of respect we think they should be receiving'.

The mattresses have received a very warm welcome with most buyers rating the mattress a 5-star product. A customer left this review for the mattress alongside a 5-star rating; 'It's so soft and cool, summer is going to be so nice with a mattress that doesn't heat up, it does makes you feel quite comfortable, when my Fiancé gets into bed I don't feel him until he is right next to me. It's amazing for people who wake up in the middle of the night to go get water etc., you won't wake your partner up. By far the Best Buy of 2017. Initially, we were going to try purple and another couple bought purple before we did and we waited on their reviews, they freaking hated it and are going to return it right away, they came over and tried Layla and totally loved it.' Similarly, another customer said 'This bed is exactly what my back has been craving! Our previous mattress was sagging and creating pressure points that hurt my hips and spine. The Layla mattress supports every curve instead of fighting it, and my back feels properly aligned now. We are currently using the "soft" side and love it so much we haven't tried the other side yet. The foam is excellent at absorbing any movement so I no longer get woken up by my partner's tossing and turning. Additionally, there is no noise whatsoever from the mattress moving when sitting or getting up from it. I've noticed I don't oversleep as much as I used to, possibly from a more restful sleep? Delivery/unboxing was a breeze and SO much easier than traditional mattress moving. I highly recommend this mattress!'

About Layla Sleep
Layla Sleep is an American based mattress company who specializes in dual firmness mattresses. They are fully patented in the US Patent Office. Recently they have partaken in a couple of charitable initiatives. They pride themselves in using all American materials and workmanship.

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