Lazer Electric Motorsports Releases Powerful New eScooter


Westbrook, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2016 --Lazer Electric Motorsports is pleased to announce its newest offering, the Lazer Pulse electric scooter. As a huge advance in the world of electronic scooters, the Lazer Pulse has the largest engine available on the commercial market; it is powered by the most advanced and modern lithium-ion batteries. Users have reported impressive power, comfort, and responsiveness compared to other electric scooters. The Lazer Pulse has plenty of torque to take on significant hills as well as on-road and off-road throughways.

The Lazer Pulse is currently available on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, and is being offered in three power options: 250W, 500W, and 1000W. On a single charge, the scooter can travel more than 20 miles. Many conventional electric scooters feature drum breaks, which tend to brake more slowly and less reliably; the Lazer Pulse uses disc breaks, which tend to perform far better over time. The controller, motor, and battery are all built in the USA. The Lazer Pulse even includes a USB port, so that users can charge their electronics while they're on the go.

This top of the line electric scooter also features DOT certified lights, apps for remote security, and wireless LCD functionality. The standard Lazer Pulse uses a steel frame; Kickstarter backers will have the option to upgrade to an aluminum frame. They can also choose to upgrade to a 15.5AH battery pack, which offers increased operating time. There are also ten frame colors to choose from, allowing users to personalize their scooter style, or differentiate between owners in a multi-scooter household. For more information about the Lazer Pulse Kickstarter, or to back the Kickstarter, go to: Lazer Pulse plans to ship their Electric Scooters during August 2016 to backers - wherever they are in the world.

About Lazer Electric Motorsports
Lazer Electric Motorsports grew out of the shared passion of Ronald and Frances Adamowicz. The couple wanted to provide safe, reliable, powerful electric bikes to help create a better world for their children. They believe that developing alternate transportation which is environmentally friendly can help promote their dream.

Frances brought her experience in business and corporate work to the team, while Ron has recently been making waves with his electric drag racing cars, called the Warp Factor II and the Warp Factor III. Along with the Lazer Pulse eScooter, the company offers eBikes, eSkateboards, eQuads, and eGoKarts.

For more information, visit their website at: