LCE Business Venture, LLC Launches Website Featuring a High End Dog Boutique

Founder of LCE Business Venture, LLC, Barbara Hanrahan, is pleased to announce the launch of her new website venture, PoochBaby.com; the website features a broad assortment of high end dog products, including statement dog clothing and accessories, plush dog beds, fashion dog carriers, and snug dog houses. For more information, visit the website's blog at PoochBabyBlog.com.


Stuart, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/16/2017 --Barbara Hanrahan is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.PoochBaby.com. The website offers a wide variety of high end dog supplies including statement dog clothing and accessories, plush dog beds, fashion dog carriers, and snug dog houses. Hanrahan was inspired to start her website after noticing how much time and love people put into their dogs so they can be their classy companions for everyday living. She wanted to provide these people with a website where they would be able to get unique and stand-out items that cannot be found in regular pet stores.

There are many upscale dog supplies featured within the merchandise of PoochBaby.com. The website carries items including dog clothing and accessories such as alpine all-weather flannel dog coats and dog hiker books; harnesses and leashes including reflective paw print leashes and ombre dog harnesses; pet carriers including designer dog handbags as well as stylish messenger bag carriers; and more. In the future, Hanrahan is planning to add a dog fitness section to her website to offer customers ways to have fun with their dogs and keep them healthy. She will offer agility products and other items for encouraging dogs to exercise.

Offering specialized dog products that are unique and can be used for special occasions is very important to Hanrahan regarding PoochBaby.com. She strives to offer products that customers will not be able to find in a local pet store or on a typical pet website. Her focus is on high class items that customers can use to really spoil their dogs. She is selecting each of her products by hand to ensure that these are classy products that will give a dog a stand-out look.

In addition to her main website, Hanrahan is also launching a blog located at http://www.PoochBabyBlog.com.

The blog will cover topics related to classy dog care. Hanrahan will be writing about the items featured on her website, how these products can be used to spoil your pooch, keeping a dog as stylish as his or her owner, and how different products can enrich the life of your pet. The purpose of the blog is to provide customers with further information to help them take great care of their pets.

About PoochBaby.com
PoochBaby.com, a division of LCE Business Venture, LLC, is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Barbara Hanrahan.

Barbara Hanrahan