LE Graphic Novel, the Darkest King, Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Leeds, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2017 --The creator of the thought-provoking graphic novel, The Darkest King, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the print and release of the first issue. Backers of the campaign will have the unique opportunity to own a Limited Edition copy of the comic. It will only be available through Kickstarter; once the campaign ends, The Darkest King won't be on sale anywhere else.

The comic pits two larger-than-life brothers, the Kings, against one another as they both follow their own quest for power – one seeks external power, while the other faces the struggle within. The younger brother attempts to take back the crime-ridden fictional city, Coldwood, from the crime lords, namely the ring-leader, Mr. X, through dirty politics. The elder fights to become master of himself in an internal battle that plays out on the streets of the city, violent vigilante style.

Which brother is The Darkest King? This question is presented throughout the story. With complicated pasts and a reality that forces even the most honorable of characters to act in shades of gray, fans will have to make their own judgement by reading the full novel.

The entire graphic novel will include five issues. The first is completed and is ready to go to print. The script has been completed for issue #2, while a treatment and story are already in place for the final three issues.

The creator, author Tony Scott Astley, a long-time writer and avid enthusiast of this literary medium, is committed to delivering a premium comic to fans. He has chosen to work with a highly skilled illustrator and is writing the script himself. Thus far, he has funded the project on his own. With a goal of £6,200, Astley will be able to send out quality prints to readers worldwide.

Until the campaign ends on February 4th, supporters can order their own digital copy, a Limited Edition print copy, or a signed LE edition of issue #1 of The Darkest King. Other rewards include the music score for the story, written by the author, and the chance to become a contributing writer of the project.

To learn more about The Darkest King or to contribute, visit the Kickstarter page.

About The Darkest King
The Darkest King is a five issue graphic novel penned by UK-based writer, Tony Scott Astley. It will be available as a Limited Edition work, thereby increasing the value of the comic for owners. The novel is based on the struggle between two brothers on their own quests for righteousness and vindication, yet pitted against one another, in Coldwood, a fictional city that has fallen into the hands of crime lords and corruption.