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LE Press Provides the Necessary Boost for Authors to Finish Their Books

Do you have a book in mind or have you written one but shelved it? You might want to chat with LE Press.


Corte Madera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2018 --What's holding you back from writing or finishing a book? It's a question that most certainly every single person who's ever meant to write something has asked themselves at some point. More often than not, it's the tail end of the process that can become a setback. When it's time to start considering editing, distribution, promotion, media, and the actual publishing process, things can get a little foggy, especially for first timers. Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press comes in as a facilitator, an author-centric publishing house that focuses on helping authors - or soon to be authors - find their own, unique voices, embrace and trust the work they've done, and finally, share that work with the world. All the while LE Press is preparing authors to build, understand and value their brand so they can become entrepreneurs; as well as guiding already established CEOs and entrepreneurs to develop their writing and share their histories, opening up new ways to grow their businesses and become best sellers in their own right.

"Jesse and LE Press are interested in helping folks market their book, not only that, build a product and a brand that's connected with their book and it'll help them later on in the business." - Dr. Clark Gaither, best selling author of Reignite

The primary focal point in the process is to find engaged authors, with a knack for entrepreneurship, and their nearly finished manuscript, which LE Press then turns into a beautiful, ready to publish book, while subsequently completing all the operational, more objective aspects of publishing. With a book in hand, there are new opportunities for the authors to expand or create their own brand, taking it beyond the book's pages. Although business and entrepreneurship themes and topics are a natural match, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is not limited to them. Rather, it opens its door to any promising, dedicated author with a strong sense of drive who's ready to build a thriving business with their book.

"Thanks to Jesse I am now an officially bestselling author. Jesse came through each individual step, from getting the book publish ready and looking great, to building up sales funnels, advertising and launching. He provided specific detail and support along the way. I've seen him repeat this with every single author he has supported. No one else has that kind of success rate."- Daniel Munro, author of The Legendary Life

Le Press was founded by Jesse Krieger, an author and entrepreneur himself, with extensive knowledge and experience in both fields. As a businessman, Jesse's been around the block a few times, finally settling on his signature system, the lifestyle entrepreneur approach. As a best selling author, he built himself a brand and experienced first-hand how being an writer and an entrepreneur can and should go hand in hand. With LE Press, Jesse's goal is to bring authors on board who want to change the world with their worlds, and provide everything needed for them to succeed. It's no wonder he was dubbed "The Publisher For The Passionate," considering the sweat, blood and tears he puts into every single project, being present for the authors from day one.

At its core, the LE Press team greatly values communication and the power words can bear, both internally and externally. Publishing books is about creating success from creative endeavours, forming a healthy cycle of reinvestment of both time and finances back into the author's repertoire, therefore growing their audience, opportunities and influence. With minimal politics, Jesse and LE Press trace a roadmap for authors to achieve more than they thought possible, shifting what was once perhaps an arduous task into a new way of thinking and living: it's not work, it's a lifestyle.