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Introduction of Dynamic Ping Pricing Improves Profitability for Lead Gen Companies

The inclusion of new Dynamic Ping Posting protocols for ClickPoint Software's LeadExec system is poised to completely change the profitablity of Lead Gen distribution and management, by streamlining lead automation.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2011 --ClickPoint Software® today announced the integration of Dynamic Ping Posting for their revolutionary lead management software, LeadExec. This major upgrade improves the way leads are sold and managed by bring higher levels of quality assurance to buyers along with ensuring the profitability of lead sales for lead sources.

“Dynamic Ping Pricing gives our customers the ability to expand not only their lead volume but their ability to work with more lead sources. We believe it brings our clients more value and earnings using the LeadExec Lead Distribution Platform. Our customers have requested this feature and we have responded. ClickPoint is lowering the barrier to entry for companies that want to enter the lead generation industry.” – Gabriel Buck, CEO of ClickPoint Software

Dynamic Ping Post completely changes the experience of buying and selling leads. Lead sources now have access to premium pricing, as well as a higher volume of clients, ensuring lead sources will never lose money on leads. Buyers gain broader access to multiple sources, competitive pricing, and duplication prevention.

Rather than sending a lead straight to the user, Dynamic Ping Post allows a lead source to ping the LeadExec user with all the necessary information to pair a lead to a client. Automation then finds eligible clients the same way it would if it was prepared to deliver the actual lead. Dynamic pricing is then resolved to ensure the sell will be profitable to all parties involved. Once clients have been lined up with dynamic pricing, a ping response is sent from the user to the lead source with established pricing, at which point the lead is then sent over to be used at the client’s discretion. All this occurs in mere seconds, guaranteeing the most simple and efficient possible for users of the LeadExec lead management system.

Another unique feature of Dynamic Ping Post is the ability to set profit percentages of total revenue based on all traits of the sale for clients. Clients and lead sources have the ability to set requirements of multiple aspects of the sale to confirm it is beneficial to their business – essentially ensuring profitability.

Providing complete visibility of the dynamic ping post system allows users to tailor their campaigns to the fluctuations of the market via the advanced reporting system built into LeadExec. A simple interface with the ability to be as advanced as needed, LeadExec’s new Dynamic Ping Post system is poised to become one of the most important advances to lead management software in years.

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