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ClickPoint Software Announces Free Trial of Lead Management and Lead Distribution Software

ClickPoint Software, the lead management, marketing automation and lead distribution software service provider, announces a new self- service solution.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2011 --LeadExec Corporate and LeadExec Vendor Edition are now available with a Free Trial and easy Wizard setup process. The new Wizard customer on-board process allows potential customers to test drive the software easily and free for up to 300 leads. The LeadExec trial program will allow customers to actually use the software to capture, qualify, distribute, market to, and analyze internet leads, sales leads, and phone calls. The software gives any small to large business or lead gen company the ability to monetize in-bound and out-bound marketing campaigns, decrease lead to contact ratio, and increase ROI by measuring and tracking results in real-time. LeadExec has helped many companies bridge the enormous gap between marketing and sales departments by streamlining software, best practices, and providing an “all in one” solution.

ClickPoint has also announced a new pricing model for smaller businesses. The new model can include customers traditionally priced out of the marketing automation and lead distribution software solutions market. ClickPoint has a commitment to small customers as well as enterprise customers and we firmly believe we have a solution to fit any size business.

“There has been such a tremendous barrier to entry using some of the marketing automation and lead distribution software that is currently available. The barrier to entry is not only high for corporations, but also lead generation companies. We want to lower that barrier to entry so that customers will experience the potential return on investment provided by LeadExec. Start using the software today and ramp up as your business ramps up. We are confident that by taking advantage of a simple Free Trial and using our easy setup Wizard, daunting marketing tasks will seem like a simple process. Once a customer experiences the intuitive design and advanced feature set, they will fall in love with LeadExec and the customer support that comes along with it.”

Gabriel Buck CEO ClickPoint Software

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ClickPoint Software is a leading provider of lead management, marketing automation, and lead distribution systems. ClickPoint Software helps enterprise and mid-size sales companies automate lead distribution, score leads, monitor sales metrics, and close the loop between lead creation and closed business. ClickPoint Software is a firm believer in providing powerful applications that are simple to use. To date, ClickPoint has processed more than 40,000,000 online and offline leads.