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Leading Anxiety Hypnotherapist Congratulates Mark Ronson over Anxiety Attacks Admission

Georgia Foster is a leading anxiety hypnotherapist who has launched an online program to help people with anxiety. The program is called the Calm Confident You. The anxiety hypnotherapist has welcomed Mark Ronson and his comments over his anxiety issues and hopes it makes people more aware of how serious anxiety is.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2016 --Award winning music producer Mark Ronson has talked about his problems with Anxiety to the Mirror newspaper. He explained the trouble he went through and how he was hit hard when he suffered from anxiety while trying to produce the hit song, Uptown Funk. Georgia Foster, a leading anxiety hypnotherapist who helps people all over the world overcome anxiety with her Calm Confident You program (, has congratulated Mark Ronson in making more people aware of the problem.

The Calm Confident You Program is an online solution devised by Georgia Foster to help people who suffer from Anxiety. The leading hypnotherapist who has helped people on a one to one basis overcome anxiety using her unique technique wanted to develop an online solution that could help thousands of more people without the need for a one to one meeting. The Calm Confident You Program allows people who cannot afford a one to one with a hypnotherapist or who are based around the world and cannot travel to London, to get the help they need without leaving their home.

Georgia, who has helped thousands of people overcome anxiety understood she would need to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help all the people who have contacted her for a one to one session. So, she introduced the program to help people who suffer from anxiety receive the help now instead of having to wait. The program, which is available to try for one day for free has been backed and supported by medical professionals and scientific evidence. It has gained positive reviews for the way it helps people who struggle with Anxiety and has been featured in the media around the world.

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Mark Ronson has bravely opened up about the struggles he went through, and he hopes by being honest it will encourage other people who suffer from anxiety to receive the help they need. A lot of people believe celebrities are immune to serious health problems, but as Mark Ronson and many other famous people have shown, everyone no matter what age can suffer from Anxiety.

To learn more about the Calm Confident You program and how it can help someone who has anxiety, please visit

Note: The author, public speaker and professional hypnotherapist is offering members of the press to try the program for free by contacting her. She is available for interview to talk about the program.

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