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Leading Hypnotherapist Georgia Foster Offers Free Help to Tesco Staff over New Wage Anxiety

Georgia Foster is offering to help Tesco employees who are suffering from Anxiety for free. She is offering her Calm and Confident You program, which helps people who suffer from anxiety, for free. The program that has helped people all over the world to overcome their anxiety could provide Tesco staff with the help they need.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2016 --Dave Lewis the big boss from Tesco this week announced with a straight face that his employees are going to be better off with the new pay deal. However, those same employees have said on different forums and to the media how moral was low and how they were upset, shocked, and stressed over the new working conditions and pay deal. One person who wants to help those Tesco employees overcome that anxiety is the world famous hypnotherapist Georgia Foster, who is offering her help for free.

Georgia Foster often seen in the media launched a program called The Calm and Confident You program (; it helps people overcome their anxiety problems by using the program for half an hour each day. The program that is backed and supported by medical professionals and scientific evidence is helping people all over the world, but now, Tesco staff can use it for free to help deal with the shocking news this week.

Many Tesco employees have said they are suffering from Anxiety over the news that their doubled time has been taken away and some of their night premiums. Some have said they are worried about the future with some sharing their concerns on forums that they are suffering from stress and anxiety over the pay deal news from Dave Lewis. Georgia Foster wants to help those people and understands how serious anxiety can be.

That is why all employees from Tesco who are suffering from anxiety can use her program for free by visiting

Georgia Foster said: "I understand how upset many people are this week after it was announced that their double time at Tesco and other benefits will be taken away. On forums and social networks, Tesco staff have said how upset they are, and some have said how ill they feel. I want to help and have made my program available for those people for free.

Tesco employees have seen their world turn up side down this week, but by using the Calm Confident You program, it can help people overcome the anxiety they may be feeling.

The program

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To learn more about the Calm Confident You program and how it can help someone who has anxiety, please visit

Note: The author, public speaker and professional hypnotherapist is offering members of the press to try the program for free by contacting her. She is available for interview to talk about the program.

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