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Leading Swiss Manufacturer Offers North American Marketplace High-Precision Flat Wire for Myriad Industry Uses

Swiss company Studer-Biennaform AG offers North American manufacturers of springs and spring clamps an outstanding product. As the leading manufacturer for precision flat wire in Europe and beyond, the company brings a highly utilitarian component stateside.


Brugg, Bern -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2015 --Used for a myriad of industries, a high-precision flat wire engineered by a leading Swiss manufacturer makes its way to North America. Useful in numerous applications in the automotive industry as well as aeronautics, precision engineering, textiles and the medical field, Studer-Biennaform AG offers their premium industrial component. Thanks to its wide range of applications, just some of which include everyday household items, the integral cold-rolled flat wire can be used in almost every industry sector.

The company works at an advantage as few specialized suppliers can offer all cold-formable materials as flat wire. For such applications, stainless-steel flat wire is commonly used - both traditional materials, such as AISI 300 and 400 series as well as special alloys. This wire is properly defined by material, dimensions and tolerances as well as mechanical properties. Thus, the flat wire engineered by Studer-Biennaform is subjected to highly automated manufacturing processes. This is due to tight dimensional tolerances often required whether in the automotive sector or medical technology, textile machinery or even in electrical connection technology.

Specifics for Studer-Biennaform high-precision stainless flat wire are:

Widths of about 0.100 mm (.004") and thickness's from about 0.02 mm (.0008").
Tolerances in width of ± 0.005 mm (.0002") and less than ± 0.001 mm (.00004") in thickness.
Width-thickness ratios of up to 1:50, and even up to 1:70.

Compared to steel strip, cold-rolled stainless flat wire has the advantage of very large core lengths without welds (up to 22 miles/35 km per spool) and a homogeneous distribution of the strength over the entire cross-section.

Depending on the required applications, Studer-Biennaform's flat wire can be delivered with different edge shapes. Natural edges represent an economical solution in mid-latitude - thickness ratios. – Rounded edges, i.e. edges that go through a peeling process after cold rolling, offer an even closer and more regular width-tolerance, especially for high quality products with very tight bending radii. Rolled edges are formed by a vertical pair of rollers, and, allowing, similarly chased edges, narrower width tolerances.

Assuring a stable and on-time supply-chain to customers having a broad set of machines to ensure both, small quantities for validation purposes and larger annual contracts with partial deliveries and accurately maintained tolerances Studer-Biennaform is always a reliable partner. We will be pleased to assist clients in developing their products with our long-standing expertise.

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About Studer-Biennaform AG
Studer-Biennaform AG is a leading specialist in cold rolled flat wire. As supplier of high-precision stainless steel flat wire the company uses traditional materials such as AISI 300 and 400 series as well as special alloys. The result is a premium semi-finished product which can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications, very often used for springs.

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