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Leading the Green Movement, Florock Continues to Remove VOC from its Line of Industrial Floor Coatings

To adhere to the ever changing rules effecting limits of Volatile Organic Content (VOC) in Industrial Maintenance Floor Coatings, Florock continues to roll out new products using less solvents.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2009 -- The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new regulations in the form of 35 Ill. Adm Code Part 223. This proposal is expected to create new, lower limits for Volatile Organic content (VOC) in Industrial Maintenance Coatings used in Illinois. See

The National Rule is to limit the VOC content of Industrial Maintenance coatings to 420 grams per liter. VOC limits vary in some regions, states and counties such as; 340 grams per liter, 250 grams per liter and even 100 grams per liter. Many job specifications and corporate policies simply require zero VOC’s. Crawford Laboratories, Inc President David Schmetterer discussed this very topic on

A Florock Technical Service Department spokesman stated, “When we develop a low VOC alternative, there is a lot to consider. We do far more than just test for all of the usual physical properties. We have to be concerned with how the product will smell, we watch flow and leveling properties very closely, measure cure times, measure Flash Points and we layout finished systems to see how the product works in conjunction with other products. Only after this process is complete are we ready for our customers to try the products and put a new formulation out there.”

What does all this mean to the Florock product line?

Say goodbye to System 3000. If you need a solvent based primer meeting 340 gpl VOC, see System 3700 Note – System 3700 is not a direct offset to system 3000 as the viscosity is much lower.

Say goodbye to Florock Florothane MC 45 (45% solids Aromatic Moisture Cure Urethane). When you need gloss retention and a hard mar-resistant surface, use Florock Florothane MC 60 (60% solids Aromatic Moisture Cure Urethane)

Say goodbye to Clear Aqua Prime. If your primer needs to be clear, there are plenty of remaining primers available.

Say goodbye to Florothane CR 420 (Chemical Resistant Urethane with a 420 gpl VOC). That’s right it’s the end of he line for this old workhorse. Florothane CR 250 (Chemical Resistant Urethane with a 250 gpl VOC) has been up and down the East & West coasts and is ready to take over.

Florock VOC formulation changes include:

Florothane MC Ultra 40 (40% solids Aliphatic Moisture Cure Urethane) has been lowered from 560 gpl VOC to 340 gpl VOC. The name has been changed to “Florothane MC Ultra 340.” The new Tech data is located at

We are lowering the VOC of:

Florothane MC 60 (60% solids Aromatic Moisture Cure Urethane) from 398 gpl VOC to 340 gpl VOC.

FloroWear 7000 (System 7000 High Wear Urethane) from 413 gpl VOC to 250 gpl VOC.

Clear Florothane CR One Coat (Clear Chemical Resistant Urethane) from 348 gpl VOC to 340 gpl VOC – a minor “tweak.”

Pre-pigmented Florothane CR One Coat (Pre-pigmented Chemical Resistant Urethane) from 375 gpl VOC to 340 gpl VOC – a minor “tweak.”

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