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Leads Near Me Is the New Atlanta SEO Company "Near Me"

Leads Near Me launches in Atlanta, Georgia. The name was inspired by the skyrocketing "near me" searches on Google as the world goes mobile. Company President & CEO Ryan Burton was looking for a new brand separate from Ryan Burton Marketing (founded 2012).


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --"Now more than ever, people search online to find things nearby. In fact, Google search interest in "near me" has doubled since last year, with 80% coming from mobile." Google Trends, Data pulled March 30, 2015.

This information was a guiding force when Ryan Burton Marketing owner Ryan Burton was looking for a name for his new company. "We wanted something that reflected the times, and also something that reflected what business owners are thinking about all day long" says Burton "for 20 years my clients have been calling new customers 'leads' so we decided to take a traditional term and marry it with a hip new phrase, thus, Leads Near Me".

Leads Near Me is a Google Certified Partner and a Bing Accredited Professional company. Company President & CEO Ryan Burton spent 20 years working for the largest advertising companies in the world (like AT&T and Cumulus Media).

At Atlanta SEO Company Leads Near Me they know that the marketing climate has changed, and that it is more competitive than ever before. That is why they ask themselves every day if they are doing everything they can to help their clients succeed and market their businesses. They know that their success is tied to the success of their clients, and their job is not done until a marketing program is the best it can be.
"Ryan Burton Marketing still exists and we still manage clients there daily. We are simply taking on our new clients under the Leads Near Me brand." explains Mr. Burton "you don't want to disrupt service for clients or make changes that change their experience. But it is our hope to migrate everyone over at some point".

At the new Leads Near Me they do not rely on their reputation or past successes, they know that in the end it is the results that count. Leads Near Me knows that the world of marketing is more complicated and multifaceted than ever, and the results they have been able to achieve tell the tale.
The new SEO Company in Atlanta GA Leads Near Me offers a full range of services designed to help their clients succeed and let them make the most of their marketing efforts. From Local SEO and PPC to Social Media outreach efforts, from Direct Response Advertising and Broadcast Media to Online Reviews, Leads Near Me can provide everything clients need from start to finish. But their clients benefit most in 2016 from a strong digital presence and Internet Marketing.

"It is my belief in advertising today that we are missing that old fashioned hands on work approach for each individual customer" says Burton "too much (digital advertising) is automated or there is a high client to employee ratio. This is something we are aware of and work to manage everyday to deliver world class service in advertising for our clients".

Leads Near Me is currently taking on new clients. They would love for any company interested in growing their marketshare to reach out and have an exploratory conversation to see if there is a fit. You can CONTACT LEADS NEAR ME here.