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Lean Towards Safety when It Comes to Foundation Problems

A certain amount of settling is normal in any structure, but an improperly laid or deteriorating foundation can create dangerous conditions in your home or office. Top Dog Handyman Services of Warrenton, Virginia believes that forewarned is forearmed and offers this advice.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2015 --A deteriorating or improperly laid foundation can place the structural integrity and safety of a home or building at risk in many ways. It can not only allow the walls and floors to shift jeopardizing their load bearing ability, it can place stress on sensitive plumbing joints and wiring connections creating water leaks and electrical issues.

Top Dog Professional Handyman Services provides some of the signs that should be watched for and that may be pointing to a settling problem in a building are:

Cracks developing in the walls, especially around doors, windows, in corners and other naturally weak spots.
Pictures or other wall hangings that start to shift or hang askew.
Floors that no longer appear level or furniture that seems to shift, predominantly on slick floor surfaces.

If unsure and looking for confirmation that things are becoming uneven:

Check them with a level.

Use a glass or bottle of water to check by sitting it on the floor or placing it against the wall. The smaller perspective of the container will make small deviations clearer.

Place a marble or golf ball on the floor and see where and how fast it rolls. The faster it rolls the steeper the angle or gradient it is on.

If there is a suspicion of uneven settling, due to a foundation problem, the best course of action is to call a professional inspector or contractor at once. These are problems that are not going to improve on their own. They are only going to become more severe and more dangerous.

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