Designed to Thrive

Learn the Untold Truths About Health and Master the Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle in the Recently Published Book Designed to Thrive

Why survive when you can thrive? Designed to Thrive, Dr. Jason Bergerhouse’s first book covers a wide gamut of topics related to health and wellness that will inspire you to take action towards achieving optimal potential.


Folsom, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2020 --Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had an abundance of energy, health, and vitality? Within the pages of Designed to Thrive, Learn the Untold Truths About Health and Master the Keys to Living A Healthy Lifestyle, the reader will discover the hidden and unspoken truth about healthy living and the power that lies within.

As humans, we were built to thrive in our lives, yet sadly, most people are merely surviving. In fact, the population is sicker and more miserable than ever despite having access to the (so-called) best health care system in the world!

Designed to Thrive thoroughly explores the mind, body, and spiritual dimensions involved in living an abundant life. Begin to think deeper about health, but also be equipped and inspired to take action towards living a life of vitality.

Dr. Devin Waterman D.C., P.A.K. said "This book will open your eyes to the real truths of our healthcare system. What works, what's broken, and steps on how to become your own modern-day health advocate. Dr. Bergerhouse will make you rethink what you have learned and educate you on what you need to know to thrive."

Dr. Jay also dives into important topics, such as The Perils of Modern Medicine and the Power of Mindset. Packed with thorough and inspiring information, along with actionable items consisting of the power of the nerve system and removing neurological interference; hydration and what kind of water to drink; foods that help to thrive; wheatgrass and how to grow it - why it is important; the importance of exercise, breath control, stretching, and soft tissue work; removing the interference of toxicity in your life; the power of sleep; and reducing exposure to electromagnetic frequency.

"Dr. Bergerhouse brilliantly exemplifies how allopathic medicine in the United States has shifted into a profit over people model of care. As a nurse, it has been disheartening to witness so many patients suffer unnecessarily at the hands of a broken system. This book empowers the reader and gives them the knowledge to take back control of their health and live a life they deserve." -Erin M. Olszewski, BSN-RN, Army veteran, author, and health activist