Learn Words App Launch Provides Virtual Language Learning Tutor That Translates via Image Recognition

Understanding what it takes to support teachers and students dedicated to the great task of learning a new language, the Learn Words app launches to bring multi-leveled convenience to the process. A virtual tutor in one’s pocket, the app makes class easier with importable resources suited for personalized word lists.


Leuven, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2016 --Designed to bridge the gap between language and comprehension, a new app from Linguineo gives teachers and students a new resource. An intuitive tutor that users themselves can manage, the Learn Words app cuts to the chase via personalization features. How so? For starters, the app will recognize words taken from a picture and translate them to text. It then puts them in a word list, uses images associated with them for recognition, uses them in a sentence, and marks them for additional study if comprehension wains. So now, the entire world becomes a text book. Couple that with a scientifically proven memorization feature, games, tracking, and optimum study offline, and there's no reason not to become multi-lingual "tout suite."

Steffen Luypaert, Founder of Linguineo, said of the launch, "Our new app doesn't rely on manual entry of course content; that takes too much time. Now just a photo of real-world material will get you the translations you need for vocabulary lists you make within the app. Then, app-generated images applied to those customized vocabulary lists help with easy memorization. Our brilliance is in the importing process and we're thrilled to bring it to market."

Making the most of the digital world while still bolstering human interaction, the Learn Words app keeps motivation high and conversational skills even higher. Currently, more than twenty languages are offered in the Learn Words app. A few of them are Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch.

Features of the app intended to increase vocabulary include:

Easy Importing - Users can take a photo of the words from a page of a text book, a magazine, or a menu, etc., and the app will recognize them as text. They can also speak, type, or select words from predefined word lists.

Easy Word Enrichment - Automatically add translations, images, and example sentences with translations to words to supplement word lists.

Memorization Technique - Scientifically-proven memorization technique keeps offering items until words are completely memorized. Use rehearsal mode to let the app quickly determine which words are known and which ones aren't.

Exercise Setup - Access speaking, listening, image recognition, or writing and multiple choice exercises all configurable to specific needs. Engage simple defaults to get started just as soon as words are added.

Play Word Games - Crossword games and word searches are generated specifically for personally added content.

Track Results - Track progress and see how many words are learned over time.

Access Word Lists Offline - Export word lists to a PDF format, use speech output for all words and sentences, and synchronize word lists through the Linguineo servers to all devices.

Rewards - Create a Linguineo account and collect more than 100 badges for reaching various milestones.

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About Linguineo
Linguineo® is a software development company based in Leuven, Belgium that provides the marketplace with a comprehensive language learning network. Supporting students taking a language class, and the teachers who teach them, the company is slated to launch additional apps such as the Evaluate My Speech app to support language learning in 2017.

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