LearnLikeABoss.com Releases Custom Training App for Restaurants and Bar Owners

Gamification Based Learning Apps Make Company Training Engaging


Carrollton, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2016 --LearnLikeABoss.com, a mobile learning and training app developer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, recently announced its venture into customized mobile app development for large and small businesses. The development company is offering learning and training apps that cater to the needs of a variety of different business owners and companies. One of their first app offerings targets restaurant and bar owners, it particularly aims to help them vet potential employees as well as teach them the essential knowledge and skills required in successful daily operations.

LearnLikeABoss promises to fully customizes their apps to the specifications and informational content that relates to the particular type of restaurant or bar using their mobile solutions. "This is especially important for small and medium sized restaurants and bars since there are so many rules, safety regulations, and procedures that new employees must know well, even on their first day of employment," suggests Chief Development Officer, Cody Martin, spokesperson for the website and app developer.

The restaurant manager or bar owner can easily monitor the newly hired employee's progress and ensure that they meet all of the company's requirements and have a firm grasp of the information that they will need to use on day one. Developers like LearnLikeABoss may make reading and studying the company policy and training manual a thing of the past. Industry leaders have been very receptive to using mobile apps to convey company information recognizing that recent generations never leave home without a mobile device.

"Not only do these custom apps help the company with the on-boarding process of new hires, but a manager can clearly determine that if a new hire is not even willing to answer a few simple questions, how useful or valuable will they be for the company in the long run. Therefore, these apps help companies to vet problem employees ahead of time," comments Martin.

The approach that LearnLikeABoss takes in app development is called "gamification" and is an innovative learning strategy that uses a quiz style gameplay to teach information. "Gamification is one of the most engaging ways that software developers are using in 2016 to make teaching and learning fun. Mobile app developers like LearnLikeABoss.com are on the forefront of this gamification of learning movement. Learners find these types of apps addictive because they encourage the player to repeat the level and pass over the information several times and, of course, we educators know that repetition of content is crucial for learning," states Stanley Garland, Ed.S., a consulting educational technologist and researcher.

About LearnLikeABoss.com
The mission of LearnLikeABoss.com, as reported on their website, is to provide quality and engaging apps that use the "gamification of learning" model to teach and train employees in a painless and effective way. The motto of the company is, "Don't learn like a dummy, learn like a boss." The company website also states that the phrase "like a boss" is an idiom that means to do something in a skillful, enjoyable, and effective way.