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LED Displays Create New Horizons with Advanced Technology

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, both stage art designers and audience are seeking for a stronger, higher and a more impressive stage.


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/26/2018 --In the end of the year, people hold concerts, company annual meetings, and varies of joint performances. As the showbiz market booming nowadays, stage art calls for much of our attentions. With advantages of permeability, clarity and the strong sense of future, the displays occupy the leading position in stage art. LED displays links with the performance to form a continuous fluctuating emotional flow and enhance the visual experience of the audience.

With the development of the showbiz market, traditional stage art with single stage LED screen could no longer meet our needs. To stand out in the shows, the organizers and LED display manufacturer have made great efforts to break through the identity of "backstage worker" of the LED display. They combined the LED video display with holographic projection, naked-eye 3D, VR and emerging technologies in the performance, which create an new unparalleled audiovisual feast for the audience!

1. LED Displays + Stage Arms
In recent years, the combination of LED screen and stage arms becomes popular in the stages. This invitation takes the place of traditional style LED background, and changes it to the space-free, form-changeable LED screen, which shows great progress in the area of LED screen. It offers more free styles for the shows and performances. What's more, new LED screen could be a shinny member of the show by producing illusory atmosphere with special effects such as lights, smokes, and other equipment. Nowadays, the use of stage machinery in performance has become a popular trend. The combination can bring a cool and shocking audio-visual world to the audience!

2. LED Displays + Holographic Projection
The visual feast created by holographic projection not only break the border and space limitation of traditional display screen, but also shocks the world with its unique sense of future.Recently, the combination of big led dipslay and projection technique has been widely used in product exhibitions, conferences, stage programs, screen interaction, bar entertainment, interactive projection and other fields. The visuals are amazing. Combining with 3D led hologram display to create a full range of visual enjoyment and shows intensive cultural and artistic feast for the audience; this is all the ultimate goal of all display technology.

3. LED Displays + Naked-eye 3D/AR
Nowadays, VR/AR and naked-eye 3D technology are growing rapidly in the field of display. Especially in stage art, the combination of VR/AR and naked-eye 3D with LED display can make things appear or hide in the picture. The technology is popular for its vivid and lively visions, elegant environmental atmosphere and the strong visual impact. Bright colors, distinct layers, and vivid pictures; they are called 3D images.

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, both stage art designers and audience are seeking for a stronger, higher and a more impressive stage. And the combination of LED display and emerging technology has become the mainstream in the field of stage art, which brings strong sense of future to both stage and the show. In the future, we are looking forward to the combination of more technologies, enjoying the wonderful shocking visual feast.

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