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LED Tanks from Triple Seven eCigs Offer a Remarkable Value

Triple Seven Has Crafted a Standout Product That Is Perfect for Every Occasion


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2014 --Quality LED electronic cigarette tanks are sure to make any consumer look classy while they enjoy their electronic cigarettes. The 1.3 ml tanks light up at the touch of a button and are sure to catch the eye of those nearby.

These are not cheap party gags however. They are one of the latest in a long line of Triple Seven products that excels when compared to similar products on the marketplace. No other electronic cigarette manufacturer is creating such a wide variety of vaping options at this level of quality. This has been one of the company’s standout features since it began- it’s commitment to providing a varied selection of fine products.

And the Bullet LED tanks are proving to be no exception. They come in Red or blue colors. Many similar products use droppers or syringes to refill the tanks, but these tanks are easy to fill by removing the threaded mouth piece.

These tanks are incredibly safe as well. They make use of a non-flammable liquid that doesn’t burn like traditional cigarettes. Once attached to the Bullet batteries, these tanks use coils to atomize the liquid and create a pleasing vapor. There is no second hand smoke to be concerned about or unwelcome smells that linger. They are superior to traditional tobacco cigarettes in every way, and their sophisticated design has made these electronic cigarettes the top choice of many discerning consumers.

The liquid for these tanks comes from Triple Seven’s robust line of flavors. These include mainstays like classic tobacco and coffee to the more exotic mango and grape flavors. The LED tanks are discounted in overstock at a remarkable price point. They can be found on the company’s website for $4.95 and aren’t likely to stay in stock much longer.

About Triple Seven E-Cigs
Triple Seven E-Cigs is Located in Burbank, California and is a premium manufacture of electronic cigarettes and e liquid sold wold wide. Triple Seven produces dozens of uniquely designed products to satisfy every need of the electronic cigarette user.