Legal Management Software Creators, Emergent Says Clients Are Saving Time and Raising Income 70%

Saving law firms time and thousands a year in administration costs, Emergent reports their clients are raising profit on annuals to the tune of 70%. This is in thanks to Emergent’s Corporate Manager ET solution.


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2017 --Starting with the estimation of a $22,500 savings a year in administrative costs, Emergent reports a win/win for law firms. Garnering ecstatic reviews from users of the Corporate Manager ET solution, Emergent says clients are cutting costs and raising profit 70% on annuals. Typically seen as a thirty-minute process per entity that can tally up to five hundred hours for a thousand annuals, Corporate Manager ET takes a better tact. It cuts time to seconds by batching annuals while legal fees remain the same.

Darren Cooper, President, and CEO of Emergent said of the time savings his company's solution provides, "One of our clients regularly batches annuals for about five hundred entities each and every month. Even I was impressed when they said it takes them longer to walk the finished documents down to the mailroom than it does to merge the annuals. It's true though. Batching annuals for one-thousand entities will take about 15-20 minutes. It can be faster if the computer doesn't have to wait for the printer to catch up or be refilled with paper."

So how does the Corporate manager ET work its time-saving magic on annual reports? Users start a minimal three-step process by using Corporate Manager ET's wizards during the year to maintain each entity. Then, by selecting all the companies that require annuals in their database with one click, all the annuals are produced for the selected entities using each the appropriate lawyers' precedents. All that is left to do is wait for the printer to finish and then tell Corporate Manager ET annuals have been completed. The software automatically calculates the next renewal period.

Cooper adds, "Fully-automated annuals with lawyer-specific precedents doesn't cost their firm any additional money, that benefit is free for them when subscribing to Corporate Manager ET. Between that perk and the fact that our software speeds productivity so much they make more money doing annuals, it's a remarkable advantage. I'm so happy they agree."

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About Emergent
Emergent is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and provides the marketplace with document creation and file management software. Some products include Canada's first two-way integration for Initial Notice/Notice of Change filings for corporations in Ontario, and software for the integration of corporate records, wills, and probate.

Darren Cooper
President & CEO, Emergent

Website: www.emergent.ca