Lemuro Transforms Smartphones Into Powerful Cameras with a Set of Lenses Designed to Take Professional Shots


Stuttgart, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 --Lemuro, an all new German startup, has created a revolutionary new set of lenses designed to transform smartphones into powerful, professional cameras. The company is currently live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and a breakout success story, having raised nearly $40k in under ten days.

With a recognition that the world of photography has changed and that the vast majority of images taken everyday come directly from smartphone cameras -Lemuro is leading the industry with lenses that enable greater creation for visual artists and consumers alike.

"We want to empower smartphone users and make professional images available to everyone. Certain types of professional photography have long been exclusive to users with bulky and expensive gear only. As a startup we want to drive innovation and inspire users and established photography companies," says founder and CEO, Eric Bohring on the inspiration behind he project. "We have designed a premium photo accessory that will truly change the way customers can view and capture the world. Whether you are a pro photographer who doesn't have his gear around or you just love to take snapshots for social media - This accessory will enhance your capabilities tremendously."

Whether for Creative Professionals, Photo- or Videographers or Social Media Enthusiasts, LEMURO enables users to capture professional images using only their smartphone. The company is launching with a set of 4 detachable lenses and a protective phone case, available for iPhone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7plus/8plus. Each lens enables a variety of shots including wide angle, macro, tele portrait and fisheye. Using a custom, high quality leather smartphone case, lenses mount quickly and securely onto the phone with a durable aluminum interface.

"We believe as a younger company, we made recent years of product evolution and a more refined product design our main advantage. We managed to find the best compromise between optical performance, aesthetics and efficient lightweight design. Our lenses are slightly smaller and more lightweight than comparable products at no compromise to their image quality," adds Bohring. "Did you know that we are also an eco friendly company? We contribute to protect the natural habitat of Madagascar's rainforests - home of our signature animal - the Lemur."

LEMURO is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2HwnCGg

LEMURO is a disruptive German startup focused on developing premium photography accessories. Founded by Eric Bohring, who is a video- and photography enthusiast and a former Finance Specialist, Lemuro aims to empower any smartphone user to take professional images and inspire others. Hamid Bekradi, the visionary Product Designer at Lemuro is based in Milan, Italy and previously worked for BMW's former chief designer Chris Bangle. Dr. Ing. Christian Köhler is the Precision Optics Specialist at Lemuro and holds a PHD in Engineering. Nestor Wiegandt who is the Lead Mechanical Engineer at Lemuro is a tool design and injection molding expert. 

For more information on Lemuro please visit https://www.lemuro.co