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Let Go, Torben Rif's Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Debut, out October 23rd

Jesse Krieger and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press are happy to announce their newest title, Let go: Conquer Your Fear Without Quitting.


Corte Madera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2018 --Jesse Krieger and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press are happy to announce the launching of Torben Rif's debut book, Let go: Conquer Your Fear Without Quitting, which is hitting the stores on October 23rd. Following the release of his book, Torben will also tour the west coast of the United States offering a series of short seminars and lectures. Dates, times, and tickets are available on his website.

Torben Rif is a martial artist who spent the better part of his life studying and teaching the ways of chinese martial arts and Wudang Tai Chi Chuan. Through his experience and involvement with such millenaire philosophies, he set out on a path to improve himself as a human being, while helping others on the way. The result of that hard work comes to life in the form of his first book; a compilation of stories, methods, and guidelines to help people unlock their true potential and live freely without negative restrictions.

"After seeing Torben's ability to be present on stage and hearing his extremely poignant lectures to "let go" and change old patterns of behavior and negative beliefs about themselves in access to their surroundings, I began to understand myself. Change things first in the small to find peace in the art of change, for the time to clean up my own life. Torben inspires his listeners with so much power and passion that one can only be touched by his reflections." ~ Søren Poppe, Denmark - singer / musician

Let Go is Torben's opus to help people find peace by letting go of the past and focusing on the present, so the unavoidable future becomes something to be happy and excited about. In this book he guides the reader through exercises of forgiveness, acknowledgement, and acceptance. It is impossible to change the past, but it is possible to give true meaning to what happened and work from there in order to build a better, happier tomorrow.

Torben's Let Go is the latest addition to Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press's remarkable Fall Catalog. Jesse Krieger and his team are working extensively to bring more and more quality content to the public, always honoring LE Press's mission to help create a global community of free thinkers, new authors, avid readers, and potential entrepreneurs.