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Let Me 'Edutain' You

Learn what topics inspire children and let their creativity burst forth!


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2017 --On the 20th of April 2017, Dutch creative Designer Petra Haddeman Bullee launched an 'Edutainment Book' for children, to spark creativity and encourage bonding with their family and friends. She believes Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and social skills are a necessity to be successful in life.

It is the first book by the Dutch creative designer Petra Haddeman Bullee, currently living in Singapore. She created 'My Edutainment Book' to inspire children to read, be active and inquisitive. The title of the book is a combination of the words 'education' and 'entertainment', as both elements are creatively combined in the book. Children are entertained whilst being educated. Students from Bali and international schools in Singapore wrote beautiful short stories for this book, encouraging others to read and learn about various countries and cultures. It is mainly aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old.

My Edutainment Book covers a wide range of learning topics, enticing children to actively have fun and to start conversations with others. It includes many thought provoking questions, provides meaningful information, stimulates drawing and teaches them new games. Petra hopes to spark creativity in children, showing them there is much fun to be had without being 'glued to a screen'. Interaction with solely electronic devices, won't develop children's ability to read people's signals and body language and therefore to react appropriately to them. "I hope my book will entertain children whilst teaching them new skills. The book should be able to lure them away from various screens which often take up a lot of their time, but sadly don't always allow them to be inspired, to learn and grow," says Petra Haddeman Bullee.

The inspiration for the book came from Petra's son, Benjamin. Whilst on an extended road trip, the back seat of the car was littered with many different types of children's books. He suggested that, instead of bringing along so many different books, it would be much more convenient to only bring one book which covered a little bit of everything and thus, the idea of 'My Edutainment Book' was born.

This must-have children's book will be available for sale, from the 20th of April 2017, through www.myedutainmentbook.com