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Level 1 Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

Get prepared to conquer the holidays.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2016 --The Holidays can be a difficult time to manage for many reasons; however, Level 1 Fitness has advice for those looking to stay healthy this holiday season! Instead of focusing on foods that are off-limits, appreciate the wealth of food that can be consumed in a healthy, if moderate, way. To prepare for the feasting, make sure to hit the gym hard to build up muscle mass instead of body fat. By following these simple tips, one can still take in the fullness of the holiday rather than worrying over every calorie.

The holiday feast seems like a ticking time bomb of calories but it also offers sources of nutrients and protein that helps keep muscles well-defined. Focus on eating lean meats that are high in protein and low in fat as well as greens that are rich in nutrients, water, and fiber, and aid in digestion. Unfortunately, there are certain foods that should be avoided, particularly starches, including any bread or potato dishes. Go light with the sauces and gravies that normally contain high quantities of sugar, fat, sodium, and extra calories. These nutrition tips still allow a lot of freedom to enjoy holiday goodness!

Level 1 Fitness recommends hitting the gym hard prior to their holiday indulgence. Focus on basic exercises such as pressing, squatting, and deadlifting. Working the basics will help pack on those extra holiday pounds in the form of muscles rather than fat. "Make the holidays work in your favor by turning those big meals and extra nutrients into muscle and not fat," recommends Level 1 owner Frank Calandrino. Consult one of Level 1's experienced personal trainers for more advice on the best exercises during the holiday season.

The holidays may seem daunting to those committed to a healthy lifestyle, however these simple tips from Level 1 Fitness will help make navigation run smoother.

1. Prep for a big meal with a challenging resistance workouts leading up to the feast.
2. Choose lean meats and greens at the dinner table.
3. Skip the heavy starches, gravies, and sauces.
4. Get back to basics after your indulgence by focusing on cardio to burn extra calories.

With these tools under your belt you will not have to loosen your belt at the table. Conquer your fear of holiday fare and enjoy the holidays.