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Philadelphia Gym Offers Holistic View on Wellness


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 --Level 1 Fitness, Old City's upscale alternative gym, opened in 2007 with a specific goal from owner Frank Calandrino: to bring Southern California's holistic approach to fitness to the East Coast. Frank himself lived in Southern California for 10 years and observed the differences between the West Coast conception of fitness as part of a lifestyle and the East Coast's more cyclical relationship to gym culture. Since the Level 1's founding, Frank and his experienced trainers have infused the gym with a holistic path to wellness that broadens to include mental health and nutrition in addition to hitting the gym. This approach has opened up Level 1's client base to a more diverse audience rather than the usual gym rats or bodybuilders to include neighborhood residents looking for fitness to work for them, instead of being a necessary chore.

Originally hailing from Long Island, Frank was introduced to fitness culture while living in its epicenter: Southern California. Between 1990 and 2000, Frank observed and experienced an understanding and appreciation of fitness not frequently found on the East Coast. Instead of only being a bastion for bodybuilders, gyms in, and the general culture of, Southern California have a more laid-back vibe premised on the belief that wellness extends beyond gym visits and obsessive weight loss. Californians, of course, have the benefit of generally pleasant year-round weather that encourages an active outdoor lifestyle of hiking and water sports. "On the East Coast, fitness is more cyclical, such as wanting to get in shape for the summer," Frank observes, "whereas on the West Coast, it's more lifestyle-driven."

When he opened up Level 1 in 2007, Frank endeavored to bring some of the SoCal vibe to Philadelphia. Rather than cater to a select group of gym rats, Level 1 strives to create an upscale atmosphere appealing to a diverse group of clients. "The fitness endeavor can be enjoyable, it doesn't always have to be work," Frank insists. This philosophy is reflected in both the gym's abundant amenities and their approach to personal training. Frank and his trainers help clients understand how exercise can be incorporated into a wider, holistic understanding of lifestyle fitness that also includes nutrition and mental health. Instead of forcing a singular conception of wellness, Level 1 works one-on-one with a diverse range of clients to understand where fitness fits in their lifestyle.

By bringing his unique perspective and experience to the East Coast, owner Frank has created Level 1 Fitness to be welcoming to a diverse clientele. During their intake, new clients are matched with the appropriate trainer for their current fitness level and ultimate goals. Trainers then offer not only relevant training plans, they also encourage clients to take care of their mental wellness and eat more nutritiously. This holistic stance stands Level 1 apart from high pressure, big-box gyms and produces a friendlier and more supportive environment. Level 1 invites new clients to experience a taste of the SoCal lifestyle on the East Coast.

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Level 1 endeavors to spread a culture of healthy living and emotional well-being achieved through intelligent eating, regular physical activity, and positive mental attitude.