Lexes Connector

LEXES Connector Develops Innovative Magnetic Power Cord Connector

Canadian-based Lexes Connector launches innovative magnetic power cord connector that prevents routine damage caused by striking the power cord jack.


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2016 --LEXES Connector®, an innovative computer hardware accessory developer based in Quebec, Canada, recently announced its funding campaign for the development of new magnetic power cord connector for leading laptop brands. The computer accessory company will be offering their magnetic Lexes Connector, which makes connecting and disconnecting a power cord fast and easy. This magnetic cord tip effectively eliminates the risk of breaking the power supply tip while inserting it or when an object brushes against or bumps into the power cord connector. This common and frequently experienced repair for standard laptops can be costly and often occurs when business people are on the go or traveling for business purposes and when laptop usage is vital.

Research and development experts at Lexes Connector propose that breakage of the power cord tip is a significant problem for laptop owners and their product is aimed at solving that hardware issue. A consulting educational technologist and researcher, Stanley Garland, Ed.S., suggests that educational institutions would do well to consider Lexes Connector for the laptops that they issue to students and faculty since such laptops are often handled roughly and may fall striking the power cord connector.

"Standard power cord tips can easily break when hit by something or when the laptop unit falls. Lexes Connector helps the user avoid these mishaps and can end up saving an expensive repair or having to order a replacement power cord. These small expenditures amount up fast and can raise the per unit price for corporate or institutional laptops to a point that they become a budgetary drain on a company, educational institution, or government agency. Lexes Connector is a simple solution to this common issue" comments Garland.

Company representatives advise that the final Lexes Connector system is in its final marketing stages and will work with nearly any device or appliance that uses a coaxial-style power supply. The connector system consists of two parts, one that is installed in the power connector on the laptop and another piece that connects to the power cord itself. When the two parts of the Lexes Connector are brought together, powerful magnets draw the two parts together forming a tight connection. If the power cord is struck or hit by the user, then it will safely disconnect causing no harm or damage to the computer hardware.

The development team at Lexes promises that it will soon be available and will feature a wide variety of plug sizes and should accommodate most popular laptop brands. Emanuel H. The Head Product Creator at Lexes expects the first batch of Lexes Connector to ship by Febuary 2017 and is very enthusiastic about the company's Indegogo funding campaign that will help them to fund the final stages of product marketing and development.