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Life Energy Designs Releases Detailed Guide on EMFs and Causes of Insomnia, Electrosensitivity, Stress, and More


Auckland, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2019 --Life Energy Designs started with the vision of two individuals who saw the need for better wellness and balance in themselves as well as their friends and family. The company started with just a few products designed for protection from EMF, but now, it has expanded to help others dealing with electrosensitivity, geopathic stress, insomnia, and more. Today, Life Energy Designs releases a detailed guide on its website regarding EMF, EMF protection, and the causes (and cures) of insomnia, stress, and electrosensitivity.

There may be many advancements in technology which have made lives better and have contributed to better efficiency and productivity, but many of these advancements have certain consequences for peoples' health and well-being as well. For instance, due to cell phone radiation and electromagnetic field radiation from appliances such as WiFi routers, televisions, and so on, more people are becoming sensitive to electromagnetism and are having trouble sleeping and concentrating as well. More individuals today have insomnia and even electrosensitivity, and there are some who are also becoming victims of night terrors and geopathic stress.

Fortunately for those who are suffering from these conditions, Life Energy Designs is one company which has the answers. Life Energy Designs has been specialising in EMF protection products for years, and it has acquired a reputation as a leading producer and developer of products that are designed for protection from EMF, such as jewellery and pendants, cell phone shields, special crystals and pendulums, and so much more.

And now, Life Energy Designs goes a step further by providing interested individuals with just the right information about EMF and EMF protection, insomnia, electrosensitivity, geopathic stress, energy balance, and healing, through its very own website. The owners of Life Energy Designs have come up with a special page on its site which gives detailed information on the causes of the conditions mentioned above – as well as what individuals can do to address these conditions. One such product which can help anyone suffering from insomnia and night terrors, for instance, is the Zen Stone, which comes with a protective field that stretches to almost 17 metres. Other products include the Negater Shell, the Nu-Me Skinny knot protection necklace, and other specially-designed products which have helped numerous other individuals get the protection and cure they need.

About Life Energy Designs
Life Energy Designs is a specialist provider of products designed for EMF protection as well as products designed to combat and cure insomnia, stress, electrosensitivity, energy balance, and more. The company offers products such as an extensive emf pendant selection as well as cell phone shields, healing wands, and more. To learn more about Life Energy Designs' products and services, visit the website.