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Life Science Recruiting Firm EPM Scientific Is a Sector Leader Inspiring Organisations and Individuals Across Germany


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2020 --Life Sciences is an incredibly exciting industry to be in today. This expanding sector has been transformed by technology, and the potential for revolutionary change in the way that patients and diseases are treated is huge. Germany is particularly central to this key industry, for example it is here that you will find Europe's largest – and the world's fourth largest – pharmaceuticals market. Cities, from Berlin and Frankfurt to Cologne, Munich and Hamburg offer a wealth of opportunities when it comes to defining careers in this area.

As a life science recruiting firm with incredible depth of experience, EPM Scientific has become a sector leader, both for organisations looking to recruit the best people and for individuals with ambitious goals. "EPM Scientific helps to solve the number one challenge – talent," commented Luis Rolim, Group Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. "We work to provide quality life science recruiting in Germany and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent."

Through a combination of permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions, the firm is reimagining the way that hiring is handled for this innovative sector and helping to ensure that every stage of a product life cycle is fully supported by the best talent. This includes handling recruitment for a range of different areas within Life Sciences, including clinical operations and medical communications, as well as R&D, biometrics and pharmacovigilance.

EPM Scientific understands that investment in people can make or break a business. It is the strength of a team that can determine responsiveness to challenges, productivity and innovation, as well as ensuring that an organisation is able to be resourceful during challenging times. However, team building takes a great deal of time, expertise, connections and experience, which many Life Sciences firms – especially at start-up stage – simply may not have.

That is why EPM Scientific is dedicated to supporting the recruitment process, providing peace of mind in terms of quality and streamlining each stage to ensure that it is as efficient, optimised and productive as it can be. This has meant investing in EPM Scientific's own people too – a combination of best-in-class training and the latest recruitment technology provide essential support to the firm's passionate consultants.

There has never been a more exciting time to work in Life Sciences, from roles in Cologne and Hamburg to those that are available in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. The industry is thriving all over Germany, from agile boutique firms to large multinationals keen to expand and grow. EPM Scientific is proud to be on the front line with these enterprises, helping to overcome the key challenge for this exciting sector: talent.

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