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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Publishes Reignite, an Amazon #1 Bestseller and the Fourth Book in Their Catalog by Clark Gaither M.D.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is excited to announce the newest book by Dr. Clark Gaither which educates the reader on job related burnout.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2018 --Jesse Krieger, international best selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press recently published and launched another #1 Amazon bestseller in four separate categories, including work related health, physicians, injury prevention, and the medical reference section. This is also the newest book in LE Press' catalog which will raise awareness of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual hardships experienced with job related burnout. Reignite: Transform from Burned Out to On Fire and Find New Meaning in Your Career and Life explains six underlying causes of workplace burnout and nine steps to take now and utilize all your natural talents and abilities. Learn how to identify, mitigate, alleviate, eliminate and prevent job related burnout.

"Reignite brings awareness to the fact that job related burnout has become a serious epidemic among professionals. Employees are at risk of poor job performance, increased irritability, depression and anxiety. Employers are also affected by high employee turnover rates, inferior products and services, which in turn leads to dissatisfied clients or customers." ~ Jesse Krieger

Being burned out means merely surviving instead of thriving, and that is no way to live this one life. Within the pages of Reignite learn how burnout differs from stress and how it affects men and women differently. Also, find out the differences between individual and workplace burnout and what the underlying causes of workplace burnout are.

Use the free Companion Workbook to Reignite for answering all the questions contained in each chapter and for filling out the action templates. In doing so, this is taking the first action steps toward finding new meaning in a career and life, transforming from burned out to ON FIRE!

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press publishing team worked with Dr. Gaither to create the perfect book around his goal to reignite a life with passion and purpose, intentionally create a preferred future, and obtain the freedom to live a lifestyle limited only by your imagination.

Jesse has continued working closely with Dr. Gaither over many years and has had the honor of publishing his four books. Jesse knew this was an important subject that needed to be discussed and is proud knowing this guide will pave the way to identifying and preventing workplace burnout.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press' vision is to elevate global consciousness through individual empowerment. Their mission is to successfully execute best-seller book launches on behalf of their authors and to add value before, during and after the launch by focusing on the big picture possibilities for their author's book, business and brand.

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