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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press Publishes the Thoughtful, Well-Crafted Self-Care Book Inside, by Sarah Brassard

LE Press is proud and excited to announce the release of Sarah Brassard's Inside, a thoughtful guide to self-care and emotional healing.


Corte Madera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2018 --Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press and its founder and best-selling author Jesse Krieger are excited to announce the release of the newest addition to their diverse, ever growing catalogue: Inside - A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Connected to Your Truth, Even in Trying Times, a very thoughtful and thorough self-care manual that's accessible and appealing to anyone and everyone, regardless of where they are on their life path.

Inside presents an array of steps and exercises designed to equip the reader with the necessary tools to face the most challenging path there is: the path within. Sarah employs an assertive yet gentle approach with her counsel to help create a self-care practice that's very particular and unique, which ultimately leads to genuine well-being and a more purposeful existence. With that foundation in place, it's possible to move beyond what she calls the cycle of fear, anxiety and unnecessary blame. Self-care and healing are hard work, and no one else can do that but yourself. With Inside, Sarah offers a helping hand to go along that strenuous road.

Once in this newfound place of peace and self awareness, Inside continues to help sustain the connection built between the reader and their inner selves, while they carry on learning to listen and to look inwards rather than outwards, truly taking notice to the ever-present peace residing inside them. Clarity afresh, freedom to grow arises alongside the realization of the unlimited potential of self healing.

"In this invaluable addition to the library of spiritual guides, Sarah Brassard offers one of the most important lessons in life: the practice of self-care. Whether it's deep childhood trauma or free-floating anxiety that accounts for our struggle, in these pages Brassard gives us the tools to recognize life for what it is meant to be — whole, peaceful and, above all, brimming with happiness." - Katie Hafner, author of Mother Daughter Me and New York Times contributor

The vision of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press is to elevate global consciousness through individual empowerment. Their mission is to successfully execute book launches on behalf of their authors and to add value before, during and after the launch by focusing on the big picture possibilities for their authors book, business and brand. Jesse Krieger, international best selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press says: "We aim to provide a level of support and experience to authors that no other publishing company can or will offer."

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