Light & Salt Interactive Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start the Mass Production of Curve, the World's First Illuminated Scenario-Driven Keyboard

Light & Salt Interactive claims that their upcoming product Curve will be the first ever fully illuminated scenario-driven keyboard. The company has just started a Kickstarter campaign to start the mass production of Curve.


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 --Light & Salt Interactive is all set to introduce Curve, the world's first ever fully illuminated scenario-driven keyboard. After developing the product's prototype last year, the company has spent almost an entire year fixing different problems and perfecting their manufacturing process. They have just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 that will help them start mass manufacturing Curve.

Curve will be a one-of-its-kind intelligent, scenario-driven system with the following unique functional features

- Intuitive shortcut reminder in different scenarios
- Brand-new ergonomic design with storage wrist support
- Extraordinary appearance with unique full-illuminated keycaps

Curve intelligent scenario-driven system can be a lifesaver in situations such as watching a movie on the laptop at night. Pressing the right key for changing the screen brightness or video volume can be a cumbersome process. However, Curve can solve this and many other similar problems by offering unlimited customization for color and mood for greater enjoyment.

Curve also promises to be the coolest equipment for any serious gamer. Compared to all other full-RGB keyboards available, Curve provides the benefit of exponentially more powerful controls remind. It takes all the non-essential keys off the peripheral vision, and highlights the ones required by providing a different level of illumination. Curve is also capable of adapting to the game being played. When the gamer switches from one game or app to another, it can seamlessly transition from one set up to another.

Subject to the success of their Kickstarter campaign, Light & Salt Interactive is confident about starting the shipping of Curve in October, 2017.

Inviting backers to make a contribution to the campaign, a senior official from the company stated, "Now, our product is on the way to small amount trial production, and we just need your support and feedbacks to make the final adjustment and bring Curve to our world."

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About Curve
Curve is the world's first ever fully illuminated scenario-driven keyboard, built by Light & Salt Interactive. The developer has just started a Kickstarter campaign for the mass production of this one-of-its-kind intelligent, scenario-driven system.