Light the Way with the Love Light Ninja Candle

As the pace of the working world accelerates, its important to take time to relax. Here to help is the perfect relaxation companion: the 100%-beeswax, adorable Ninja Candle from Obeewax.


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2016 --With the rise of low-quality paraffin candles, many are starting to consider candles a second-rate and cliche expression. It is sad to see this become the public sentiment as candles were long beloved for their show of intimacy and effort. Here to bring candles back into favor is the Obeewax Love Light Ninja Beeswax Candle. The candle's lovable shape paired with a warm, glowing light makes it perfect for setting the mood and enhancing the atmosphere. The quality construction is sure to leave any other candle in the dust. Romantics can finally relax with the naturally purifying, slow burning, and overall flawless qualities of a one hundred percent beeswax candle.

To ensure the candles are ideal, the Obeewax team gives each candle special attention during the production process. Every candle is hand-casted, making each one unique to its owner. Additionally, the Ninja Beeswax Candles are made of pure Beeswax, removing harmful soot and reducing annoying candle drips. The slow-burning nature of this material also greatly improves the Ninja's lifespan, burning continuously for thirteen to fourteen hours. And for the convenience of the user, the Ninja Candle comes with a lidded tin, allowing users to use the tin's lid as a stand for the candle, catching melted wax. As a side benefit, the design of the tin makes the Ninja Candle the perfect gift.

The Ninja Candle comes in three different personalities: Mellow Yellow, Ardent Red, and Mystic Black. Each color has its own qualities. Mellow Yellow is the most pure and contains no artificial coloring. Ardent Red is the spiciest and most energetic, adding some flavor to the air. And Mystic Black is mysteriously powerful, lighting even the darkest of places. Unfortunately these masterpieces are held back by one thing: funding. To remedy this problem, Obeewax has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be rewarded with anything from Obeewax stickers to a set of six Ninja Candles. With the support of readers, the Obeewax Ninja Beeswax candles are sure to bring some class and joy back into the world of candlemaking.

About Obeewax
Obeewax was founded by French designer Olivier Valla. He started off creating small products for retailers of knick knacks. These clients include acclaimed brands like Pylones, Socarel, and more. Today he is ready to launch his own brand with a return to good, old, reliable quality. Through handmade French design, Oliver aims to bring a little love to every home.

To learn more or support Obeewax visit the Kickstarter campaign page.