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Light Up Make-Up Products with These 4 Auber Trend-Setting Cosmetic Tubes

Reshape the Future with the Most Advanced Printing Techniques


Baiyun District, Guangzhou -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2018 --Auber Packaging Co., Ltd has launched 4 tubes that will set new standards in this industry by virtue of its over 14 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing. They are specially designed for lotion, cream, washing foam, personal care products, shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hair care products, anti-sun cream, jam, and ointment packaging.

When dealing with customers' beauty and health, Auber Packing has not limited the scope of its R&D team and is now able to offer diversified cosmetic tubes to cater to all tastes. It is a piece of cake for this Guangzhou-based manufacturer to provide a plastic laminated tube (PBL tube), a metal squeeze tube (ABL & HGL tubes), an airless tube packaging and many more options.

The high overall satisfaction for these 4 new cosmetic tubes is their best form of promotion. Not to mention the repeated orders and the increase in sales for the clients' new skin-care products, which are reliable proofs of the success of these new products.

To start by describing the new cosmetic tube with bamboo pump caps. As shown on the picture here below, the airless pump tube is made with LDPE/ HDPE. Its decoration can be customized with multiple combinations of silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping (hot foil). The pump is capped off with a matching custom bamboo pump cap that looks natural, eco-friendly, and upscale.

The second product worth mentioning is the whole plastic laminated tube (PBL tube). Its capacity can vary from 5ml to 250ml and it can respond to the needs of customers in the cosmetics, personal care, hair care, oral care, pharmaceutical, and F&B sectors. It relies on sophisticated CMYK printing techniques to display detailed images, even more, complex ones as human faces, flowers, sceneries or more. It is a full-printed plastic laminated tube with clovers, and it matches the wooden texture cap that is also available with stone or other customized patterns, thanks to its water transfer technology.

The third new-entry in Auber's catalogue is a paper-texture cosmetic tube with patented concave caps, which is designed by Auber and can be the screw on cap or flip top cap. Auber is ahead in the production of this type of tubes. Customers can even feel the texture when touching this technology-advanced product. The only printing way available at the beginning was silkscreen, but now the company is trying to print with the offset to offer its clients more cost-effective products. Auber has received over 1 million orders of hand cream paper-texture tubes. These tubes are used for containing the cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, and many other beauty products.

The fourth product recently launched is an airless tube packaging for makeup foundation. The high quality of its airless pumps is the result of multiple tests with different types of pumps. It is possible to customize the pump pressing part, its collar, and the cover and to choose from different colors as well as its transparent or translucent version. One slight click of the pump is enough for the content to slowly flow out of the head. Its PE material ensures a comfortable experience for customers, who will be left surprised by its excellent resilience and soft texture. Last but not least, its tube can have a diameter from 19mm to 35mm, which makes the process of filling it much smoother.

"In the cosmetic tube packaging industry, Auber has given a high priority to enhance the technology of production printing and to guarantee the high quality of products. The whole R&D and production team has also striven to offer premium and diverse variety of cosmetic tube solutions that promote the unique charm and style of cosmetic brands," said Jordom Li, the General Manager of Auber Packaging. Auber has had a great grasp of the techniques of different printing ways involving CMYK printing, hot stamping, and different varnish. Now they are confident to be able to meet the customers' different requirements of squeeze tubes.

Auber Packaging spares no effort in encouraging a stronger environmental protection. Efforts include the use of bamboo caps, the reduction of paper waste, the energy saving plan during production, and turning off computers and equipment after work to reduce energy consumption.