Advanced Diesel Engineering Ltd

Lights Out? Not While Advanced Are About

Even large national companies can be left in the dark, this was found out by a high profile metalwork manufacturer who found themselves plunged into the dark ages randomly one Tuesday morning.


Pontefract, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2013 --With a required dispatch date only 3 days later, rejections based on the tight deadline were flocking in left right and centre; who could save them? Which producer of high quality bespoke acoustic enclosures with over 20 years of experience in the field would possibly bail out a company so desperately in need of help in a seemingly impossible predicament?

Advanced Diesel Engineering sprang into action! The enquiry came in and within minutes the dedicated TEAM of individuals set about the mammoth task. 20ft power box, 800kVA, 85dB at 1 metre, 3 days to complete. The drawing office set about designing the custom enclosure designed specifically for the needs of this troubled company. With expert efficiency the diagrams were drafted and perfected to the exact specifications required and within hours the fabrication began!

Word spread around the factory of the importance of this job. And where others deduced that this would be impossible, the Advanced workforce accepted the challenge and within minutes a 20 foot enclosure was located in fabrication bay 3. Impressive? Not even close. Floor? Done. Doors? Done. Lagging? Done. Impressive? Almost… But with light fading on Wednesday, could it be completed?

Painting... A notoriously long and arduous process which can take up many hours. But we did not have many hours, we had several hours. But once again a task that our workforce was happy to take on. With speed and accuracy the painters soldiered on making sure the same high quality finish that Advanced is known for was still achieved despite the short timescale. Coat after coat was applied and finished stickers and warning notices applied but where’s the generator?

The crack of dawn, and the 90,000 square foot factory is teeming with activity. Fabrication was completed in record time. Cut outs were complete, the doors were fitted, and painting was complete. Time to unleash the electricians, their command of currents and electron flow as always very impressive! And with light now shed among the inner workings of the container, all that was needed was the uk generator and silencer! Not a problem, with the use of one of our large fork lifts the generator was slid into place beautifully and all was required was to link it up to the silencer to achieve the required 85@1 noise level and that was that.

Friday was finally here, the truck was outside ready to receive another high quality product from Advanced as the 20 foot container was lifted out of the factory and placed on the flatbed. Where others said it couldn’t be done Advanced Diesel Engineering against all odds managed to design, fabricate, paint and deliver a fully functioning high quality power box to a company in need with time to spare. With efficiency, skill and care Advanced will ensure that you are never left in the dark!