LightSpace Sofa Series 'Collar' Received a Global Excellence Award

The honorary certificate was presented to the Lightspace during the Guangzhou Culture Industry Fair


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2019 --Lightspace, as the leading original furniture brand in China, entered the KING CALF AWARD Global Youth Creative Art Competition during the 2018 Guangzhou Culture Industry Fair. The company received an excellence award among all other competitors.

Lightspace is a Guangzhou-based furniture producer who focuses on creating original-designed and innovative furniture products. It has a mission to light up space and inspiring mind, and strives for correcting the bad Chinese industry habit such as plagiarism; therefore, the team places their best efforts in showcasing the ability in creation and innovation with high-quality furniture to the world.

The Guangzhou Culture Industry Fair covers various cultural areas such as creative design, technology and art. As one of the pillar sector of Guangzhou, the culture industry has been pushing the development of both Guangzhou's traditional and creative markets.

During the event, the organizer also held the first KING CALF AWARD Global Youth Creative Art Competition. The theme revolved around 'the life of culture and creation', where the participants had to design their products via inspiration from daily life. The entries were assessed by six primary aspects, which were innovativeness, regionalism, manufacturability, marketability, practicality and exemplary.

'Collar' was the new sofa series created by Lightspace during this competition, that was specifically aligned all the criteria to showcase the company creativity and originality. According to the company's designers, the idea of the series came from the straight and tidy collar from society leaders. The collar design is integrated into the sofa armrest. The furniture offers a feeling that is both simple and heroic, by combining with other creative elements such as applying curves and straight lines on certain parts purposefully.

Furthermore, the creator shared that another thing they tackled during the process was how collar and sofa could be combined perfectly together. A sofa is a furniture that looks heavy and huge; on the other hand, the collar feels lightsome and tiny. It was an unexpected experiment to apply the characteristics of a collar on a sofa, which resulted in the entire design is lithe up positively.

Through engaging in the fair and exchange ideas with other creative firms, Lightspace obtained invaluable experience for their future design inspiration. Lightspace also welcomes others to continually contact them and share opinions in the furniture so that it can present the ideas of originality further to the world.

About Lightspace
Founded in 2013, Lightspace is a creative furniture company who specializes in customized furniture design and manufacture. The company mission is set to be 'light up space and inspiring mind'. Striving to become the best international original Chinese home furnishing brand and correcting the domestic plagiarism situation, Lightspace takes the lead of the whole home industry to carry out the original design. Lightspace also insists in bring the best quality furniture to customers with the hope to showcase superior and innovative Chinese furniture on the global platform.