Lightspeed, a division of Lime Brokerage

Lightspeed Offers Fast Order Execution and Low-Cost Trading for Active Traders


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2019 --Active traders who are searching for an ideal online brokerage may find all of the qualities that they are searching for in Lightspeed, a division of Lime Brokerage. Their flagship trading software, Lightspeed Trader, offers fast order executions thanks to low latency and hyper-speed multi-threading. With discounted commissions, the broker is also ideal for those who are interested in low-cost stock trading.

The Lightspeed Trader platform allows traders to route their orders to a number of different market destinations, including dark pools. For those who do not wish to designate a route for a particular order, the platform offers smart routes that attempt to fill the order by rotating through different brokers and exchanges. A smart route is an algorithm that offers traders a quick and convenient method to find liquidity in the marketplace and automatically find the best price.

"Lightspeed is dedicated to providing our frequent traders with low cost, stable, and fast executions," Thomas Gibb, Co-President. "This allows for trading strategies that can take advantage of market volatility and volume spikes which shouldn't be compromised by the worry of execution quality or cost. When our customers trade with Lightspeed they know they can focus on what's important, identifying and capitalizing on trading opportunities."

Active traders who choose Lightspeed can also take advantage of low commissions and fees. Whether they trade stocks, ETFs, options or futures, traders will see lower fees depending on the volume of shares that they trade per month. Their standard commissions start at an already low rate at just $0.0045 per share and $0.60 per contract for futures and options. Additionally, traders can take advantage of liquidity rebates, allowing them to offset some of their costs.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Lightspeed's cheap trading software and low fees is encouraged to visit their website at

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