LinkGreen Launches Their ODBC Integration Solution, LinkGreen Integrate

LinkGreen adds integration connectors to their wholesale online ordering solution to bring it full circle.


Barrie, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2017 --LinkGreen, a cloud-based SaaS company, announced today the launch of LinkGreen Integrate™, a suite of ODBC integration functions that allow suppliers to integrate their in-house systems with the LinkGreen Connect solution.

"We wanted to cover all the bases with our Online Ordering Solution by offering integration connectors for standard accounting packages used by our suppliers", says CEO Warren Patterson. "One of our early adopters, West Coast Floral, utilizes an older ERP system based on their Access database. This is common among suppliers in this industry, which is why we developed a number of integration options to accommodate the various systems and varying volume of data." LinkGreen's integration solution includes a number of levels of integration, from API to ODBC to e-mail updating. "Integration establishes buyer trust and confidence in knowing that they are getting the most current and up-to-date supplier information, inventory and pricing", adds Patterson.

LinkGreen Integrate™ has quickly become a core element of LinkGreen's business with several suppliers already engaging with LinkGreen in the past 30 days to provide them a solution to upgrade their existing technology and business processes. As a result, LinkGreen has recently added to their IT talent to handle the quick surge of interest.

LinkGreen is also working to pull together some of their integration functions into a stand-alone plug-in that can sync to various ODBC connectors and provide suppliers with a 'plug & play" solution.

About LinkGreen
LinkGreen is wholesale ordering done better. LinkGreen is a company devoted to making wholesale ordering more efficient and effective by providing wholesale buyers and suppliers a better way to process orders.

About LinkGreen Integrate™
LinkGreen Integrate™ connects your back-office systems with your online ordering, providing a fully-automated solution. Link your website and ERP systems directly with your customers and synchronize your internal systems with LinkGreen Connect™. Provide your customers with real-time data on your products and current inventory, while automatically receiving orders directly into your ERP system. From the receipt of an order, you have complete control throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer order.

Optimize your order management efforts by making updates in one system that propagates any changes across your online ordering and sales rep channels. Define the frequency of all updates with an easy-to-use interface. LinkGreen Integrate™ handles all aspects of your inventory and pricing management including current inventory updates, customized pricing levels and sale pricing, all in real-time.