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Linortek Adds NTP Digital Clock to Netbell® Network Timed Alert Systems

The Plug & Play Digital Clock synchronizes its time from the Netbell’s NTP Server and provides a complete solution for audible alerts and reliable time clock for factories, schools and industrial facilities


Winston Salem, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2020 --Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces a clock solution to the Netbell product line. This latest development adds a 4 inch LED digital clock to the Netbell, which will synchronize the time from Netbell's NTP server automatically.

Linortek's network digital clock is a plug and play solution. Users only need to plug it into the Netbell clock output; no configuration needed and no additional power source required. It will be powered by the Netbell server and synchronizes its time from the same NTP server to an accurate time, with automatic adjustment for Daylight Saving Time providing completely maintenance-free operation. With the large and bright 4 inch tall digits, the clocks are easily visible up to 250ft; it's an ideal solution for any organization that needs reliable time for both break bells and a digital clock for factories, schools, and industrial facilities.

Gary S. Nalven, founder and CEO, Linortek, said, "We are excited to offer a reliable and accurate NTP digital clock for synchronizing time from the Netbell system. Maintaining accurate times has never been so important for businesses and organizations. From offices to warehouses, factories to schools, accurate time means businesses and their employees can all run at the same time. With this all-in-one system that ensures break bells and clocks are kept at the same time, employees and students can leave and arrive on time without the fear of tardiness due to a difference in time."

The Linortek LED digital clock can be added to the following models: Netbell-K bell system, Netbell-K-M2 bell system, Netbell-K-E1 bell system, Netbell-K-E2M bell system, Netbell-KB buzzer system, Netbell-KB-M2 buzzer system, Netbell-KB-E1 buzzer system, Netbell-KB-E2M buzzer system, Netbell-KL bell system, Netbell-KL-M2 bell system, Netbell-KL-E1 bell system, Netbell-KL-E2M bell system, Netbell-4K bell controller.

Netbell solutions are available for purchase at or by calling 336-485-6199. For more information or general questions about Linortek products, please contact us here:

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Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek) is a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the "Internet of Things" (IoT), a market that involves web connection between all types of products. Linortek developed two lines of web controllers used in three niche products, Netbell, iTrixx machine monitor, and Aquaculture Farm Monitor. This technology focus and expertise has enabled Linortek to take full advantage of the new generation of IoT for industrial, manufacturing, and educational businesses as well as the Aquaculture vertical business with needs for control, monitoring, and alert over the internet. All products are controlled and monitored from a simple and easy to use web page or mobile app. For more information, please visit