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Linortek Releases Network Hour Meter -A New Web-Based Equipment Elapsed Time Monitoring System

Innovative Network Hour Meter Uses 'Internet of Things' Technology for Easy Remote Monitoring Run Time of Motors, Machines, and other Expensive Equipment.


Winston-Salem, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2016 --Profitability is heavily impacted by a business' efficiency, and when it comes to maintenance of industrial or manufacturing equipment, maximizing that efficiency can be a challenge.

The cutting-edge technology firm Linortek is looking to change that with their latest product offering. They have custom-developed the Network Hour Meter to provide IoT connectivity to machines, motors, and other expensive equipment allowing users to monitor them via the web. Using a standard web browser, the Network Hour Meter provides the means to remotely check run hours and monitor maintenance schedules, eliminating the need to physically visit individual equipment to collect data.

The Network Hour Meter is completely scalable and utilizes an existing Linortek TCP/IP product platform. Integrated software allows the connection to serve as an hour meter that triggers visual and/or audible signals at a preset elapsed time; the same system can also send email alerts for real-time notification. The ease and simplicity of the new system makes proper maintenance and avoidance of costly downtime incredibly easy.

More features of the Network Hour Meter, the first web-based hour meter in the market:

* Measurement range from 0 to 999,999.99 hours, 1 second resolution (most hour meters in the market can only measure up to 99,999.9 hours equipment run time)

* Resettable hours for using with existing equipment

* Two separate hour meters with independent triggers in one device

* Using relay output to signal alarm devices (buzzer or light) to notify when maintenance required

* No more walking around a large facility to check equipment run time

* Read equipment run time with any standard web browser from anywhere

* Over 10,000 item logs that can be exported to Excel and updated in real time

* Receive email notifications when service is needed (unique feature versus other products in the market)

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About The Linortek TCP/IP product platform
Linortek TCP/IP product platform is designed for Internet of Things (IoTs), the market that includes web connecting all sorts of products. They have been used in many applications such as security, home automation, energy management and manufacturing equipment.