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Linortek Unveils Netbell TCP/IP Network Public Address System

The affordable and easy to implement Paging Speaker Systems combine tone generating, web-based event scheduling, background music and live announcement capable in one compact kit.


Winston Salem, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2020 --Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces a paging solution to the Netbell Tone Generator product line. This latest system combines Netbell's TCP/IP platform, built-in web server, tone generating and event scheduling with high-quality accessories into an easy-to-install kit.

Linortek's Netbell-NTG-C paging speaker system is a network enabled, custom designed, affordable and easy to implement Public Address System, which can be used to produce timed or manually triggered custom sounds to signal start and stop work, lunch breaks, shift changes, emergency alarms, service notifications, as well as for background music or recordings, live announcements.

The Netbell-NTG has 40 built-in standard tones with the ability to record up to 10 hours of custom messages, provides an easy-to-use, flexible way for schools, factories and businesses to signal class/shift changes, breaks and emergency alarms with different tones. The system is best suited for small to mid-sized schools, factories, businesses, warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, government & military buildings and distribution centers.

Available now, the Netbell-NTG-C Public Address Sound System is capable of:
-Web-based break time scheduling: With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule different tones for different events over a network or the Internet from a standard web browser remotely, no software to install, no designated computer required.
-Playing background music: You can also connect the amplifier to a music source (your computer or a MP3 player) to play background music, the Netbell-NTG will interrupt the music to signal your scheduled breaks, and then it will switch to play the background music.
-Live & pre-recorded alerts: This system offers emergency alarm feature to play live & pre-recorded alerts. With a microphone connected to the amplifier, you can make live announcements for emergency and everyday communications.
-Accurate time control: The system has a built-in real time clock with changeable NTP automatic internet time setting, automatic Daylight Savings Time and leap year correction.
-Easy to expand: Each Netbell device is a web server, an independent system that includes its own hardware and software. More units can be added without significant infrastructure changes.

Gary S. Nalven, founder and CEO, Linortek, said, "We are excited to offer schools, factories and businesses another solution for notifying workers, students and others of time-sensitive events. Our Netbell-NTG paging system gives customers the convenience of a single product for all alert needs including breaks, lunches, shift changes, stop works, general alarms, emergency notifications, etc. Considering various work and study environments our customers deal with every day, there are numerous situations that require variable and customizable audio solutions. Netbell-NTG products don't require extra software for programming and can be accessed and programmed through the IP address. With our BellScheduler desktop app, you can add schedules that control multiple devices from one interface."

Linortek offers the Netbell-NTG paging system in five sizes that can be used for small-mid schools, factories up to 100,000 sqft area.

Netbell solutions are available for purchase at or by calling 336-485-6199. For more information or general questions about Linortek products, please contact us here:

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