LionSoul Gym Now Offers No Automatic Subscriptions for Gym Membership Renewal


Frauenfeld, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2018 --At LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club, members can avail of a wide variety of fitness regimes and programmes which are suitable for their lifestyles and fitness goals. The gym offers 24-hour use as well as free trial training, and now, it offers no automatic subscriptions for gym membership renewal as well – which means that anyone can try out its services for a specific time without any obligations.

More individuals are seeing the importance of wellness and fitness, and this is one main reason why more gym and fitness clubs have sprung up in different areas of the world. LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club is no different – this special fitness institution has amassed a good number of members due to its specialised and unique services that are designed to cater to individuals with serious fitness goals and objectives.

LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club distinguishes itself from other fitness clubs in the city with its unique services, which include no registration fees, 24-hour access to the gym studio, free WiFi access for all members, and even a 24-hour video surveillance service for the complete protection of members. But there's another aspect which separates LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club from most: its service which doesn't offer automatic subscriptions for renewal. What this means is simple: anyone interested in joining can try out LionSoul's services for a specific period, and if the service doesn't agree with their goals or lifestyle, then they are not obligated to continue. Unlike other gyms which have automatic subscriptions, this kind of service provided by LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club is welcome indeed.

LionSoul Gym and Fitness Club describes its service and philosophy in more detail: "Work Life Balance. We live by this principle and strive to offer you a familiar and motivating training atmosphere - a place to recharge your batteries. As a small family business, we stand for special values, so we have no automatic subscription renewal, and you pay only for the months in which you train. In LionSoul you can expect many different training opportunities and experienced, well-trained coaches, who are constantly (in) the area and thus ensure a sporty and respectful atmosphere."

The fitness club also offers special courses such as core stability every Tuesday, functional endurance every Friday, and even VIP personal training which consists of one-on-one personal training for an hour complete with a training plan, a water bottle, a protein shake, and a towel.

About LionSoul Gym
LionSoul Gym has made a name for itself as one of the top gyms in Zurich specialising in all kinds of fitness training and lifestyle programmes. The gym offers one-of-a-kind services, including 24-hour gym use. For more information on the programmes for fitness zürich offered by LionSoul, visit the website.