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Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage Is an Essential Requirement for Many More Businesses Than Is Commonly Thought

ACI Insurance Helps with Florida and Georgia Alcohol Liability Insurance for All Types of Businesses


Apopka, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 --All businesses should strive to protect themselves, while also guarding against the legal and financial ramifications which may potentially be passed onto business owners and managers. What many people don't know though is that liquor liability insurance coverage is a necessity for a wide variety of businesses beyond merely bars.

Additionally, many business owners also wrongly assume that liquor liability is included with their general liability insurance in Florida or Georgia. That's not the case, and separate protection is a must, whether it's purchased on its own or added onto an existing commercial policy.

ACI Insurance helps with Georgia and Florida alcohol liability insurance coverage for businesses and establishments of all classifications and industries. They also aim to educate potential clients and other businesses about their needs for the right kind of coverage. It's of the utmost importance to never be caught off guard without the correct kind of insurance.

Florida host liquor liability insurance is necessary for any business which manufactures, sells or serves alcohol, as well as other businesses or properties who may facilitate in the usage or provision of alcohol. Georgia alcohol liability insurance is a requirement for all restaurants and bars, as well as taverns, night clubs, social clubs and properties, and even convenience stores and liquor stores.

It's also important to understand that alcohol liability insurance in Florida and Georgia isn't just about DUIs and drunk driving incidents or accidents. The majority of cases actually apply towards assault and battery incidents.

The specific kind of plan purchased for a business will depend on the business type, but it's important to seek out a comprehensive plan which will provide for both legal defense and related costs including potential damages, as well as employee coverage when possible.

ACI Insurance is a leading provider of all types of Florida surety bonds and commercial insurance protection, and is proud to be working with clients in the state of Georgia now as well.

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