LitCoat Takes Paint to a New Level with Electroluminescence

Company LitCoat creates a first of its kind electroluminescent paint to be used on bicycles, model cars, and various other surfaces.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2014 --Las Vegas based brand LitCoat has developed a new electroluminescent paint product which can be applied to a myriad of different surfaces paving the way for innovation through paint products. The paint was created by a retired German chemical engineer who previously worked in innovative coatings for Bayer, BASF, and Merck. LitCoat electroluminescent paint only requires a charge of 0.6 mA to activate a single square, and this can be used to create a myriad of different variations such as a stroboscope or various patterns.

LitCoat electroluminescent paint can be used to illuminate cars, models, buildings, panels, or other objects requiring luminescence for any reason. The company also offers an “electroluminescent coating specialist course” to inform users on how to apply and wire the paint no matter what their particular use may include. Because this is considered a large step forward in the worlds of both paint and lighting, the brand wishes to inform users on the best ways to use the product.

The LitCoat Airbrush Paint System, ideal for use on die cast model cars or bicycles, allows users to airbrush on LitCoat electroluminescent paint for an even application and coverage. This airbrush paint system works similarly to many other systems for airbrushing paint, however it is specialized or the application of LitCoat’s electroluminescent varieties.

Considered the next step forward in lighting, LitCoat is providing innovation to test and expand the boundaries of the painting industry. What LitCoat paint is comprised of is several layers which work together to create an electroluminescence on any surface. These layers are comprised of:

5.Top layer

With extended LitCoat Electroluminescent Composition Services, the brand also offers to replace the matrix with brands of basecoats that you may already be working with, such as Sherwin Williams or DuPont. This is done to help users to improve results and become more comfortable with the paint as they can use the brands they are already used to working with. No matter the formulation, LitCoat remains safe and easy to use on any surface a person may be working with, allowing them to transform surfaces with their own version of liquid light.

LitCoat is not limited to hard or non-porous surfaces, and can even be applied to paint. The brand shows in video on their website how a sample swatch of LitCoat can be applied to a simple piece of paper using a brush, and then is charged to show how light emits from the surface itself. With no current applied to the paint, it resembles a regular layer of typical paint product.

The brand also prides themselves on creating a truly “green” method of luminescence, as LitCoat electroluminescent paint is able to provide light using only a fraction of the energy when compared to typical lighting sources. This liquid light also allows users to work with natural materials, further allowing a person to lessen their carbon footprint. While providing an excellent standard of light, LitCoat allows a user to use up to 90% less energy when compared to typical lighting.

When using LitCoat, it can light up instantly in response to the current it is exposed to. The phosphor component used in the product is a copper-doped zinc sulfide and it only requires a very small amount of current to initiate the color change from a flat paint look to complete electroluminescence. The product can work on any voltage and these power sources are the same that are currently used for EL or wire panels today.

For those looking to adorn their vehicles, motorcycles, or riding accessories with LitCoat electroluminescent paints, a person would only need to print out the PDF format formula and take it to their chosen auto body paint shop. The professionals in the facility will know just what to do to formulate the LitCoat paint and apply it, either by hand or via an airbrush system, onto the surface of a person’s choice.

About LitCoat
LitCoat offers packages to allow users to craft their own electroluminescent paints using their own formula, and these packages can be purchased for $196 to $296. Included in these formula packages is all of the information a person would require in regards to just how to make the material, as well as tutorial style guides on the best methods to use when it comes to application. When investing in a package, the buyer will gain knowledge of the materials needed to craft LitCoat electroluminescent paint, where to find the materials necessary, information about the materials used, mixing the materials, alternatives which can be used in the formula, and a general know-how on the best ways to use LitCoat for any variety of surfaces.

LitCoat also offers ready-made advanced nano-material, but this is only given to and recommended for those who already have an insight into the use and composition of the product. This allows the nano-material to be used correctly and with a general understanding on how the product works.

For more information regarding LitCoat and their electroluminescent paint, the brand can be reached through their website at

Also, if a person wishes to fax their questions or concerns regarding LitCoat, they can additionally be reached by fax at 702-728-2912.