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Live Trapping Is the Only Answer to Removing Squirrels in the Attic

Getting rid of the squirrels in a homeowner’s attic is critical to avoid major health issues.


King George, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2019 --Just because it's winter, that doesn't mean that squirrels are hibernating for the duration of the season. In milder temperatures, these fuzzy-tailed critters can be seen rushing along the ground or chomping on their stored nuts in trees. Some of them may opt for warmer premises and take up residence in your attic or crawl space.

According to experts at BEDR Wildlife Removal Services, the most common noise squirrels make is a scratching sound, along with other noises in the walls. "These could all be signs that a female squirrel is preparing to have her young. Homeowners should remove squirrels immediately before the young grow old enough to begin causing damage to your home and electrical wiring, too," BEDR notes.

Live squirrel trapping is considered the best method of catching and removing unwanted squirrels. Once they've chewed holes, it's nearly impossible to keep them out without relocating them. It's important to seal up all access routes once trapped squirrels are removed.

Squirrels damage roof tiling and exterior walls where they create entry points. They often chew through wiring or nest in insulation, which can lead to higher electric bills and safety issues if left undiscovered or unrepaired.

Squirrels can also put the homeowners' health at risk because they sometimes carry the plague — the same disease that wiped out Europe in the 1300s — and a host of other diseases and illnesses. They may host fleas and other parasites, such as those that carry Lyme disease. In short, it's never a good idea to have them roaming free inside the home.

Residents who believe they may have a squirrel or other pest problem in their Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland home should contact BEDR Wildlife Removal Services at 703-395-3622 to determine what they're dealing with and the best way to resolve the issue.

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