Living Prevention TV Bringing Prevention Truth Mainstream Presented by AlternaCare


Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2018 --Living Prevention TV is a first of its kind making TV history. LPTV is a refreshing new series bringing prevention truth mainstream. Leading the #PreventionNotPrescription movement, Living Prevention TV is advocacy for people exploited by pharmaceutical corporations.

Instead of promoting a 'pill for all ills'' LPTV is hosted by 30-year terminal cancer survivor Kari E. Gray. 'Paying it forward' through LPTV, Kari interviews experts in all areas of prevention to make the truth known through independent TV. A series funded by donations keeps the show about the people it serves.

Because 'Health is Wealth' the pharmaceutical empire profits from disease treatments, not disease cures. Thus cures remain an illusive mystery as profits continue unabated.

Today, prescriptions are a pandemic. The facts show 80% of prescriptions can be eliminated with lifestyle change. With 1 million children in the U.S. under 6 are on pharmaceuticals, and 70% of adults prescription-dependent, learning how to Live Prevention is urgent.

A ''broken healthcare system'' is at the tipping point, LPTV is here providing answers.

Educate. Enlighten. Empower is the shows tagline. Using information to lead from disease fear to disease freedom starts with Living Prevention first. As a weekly series advocating truth on TV, LPTV is presented by the AlternaCare Foundation.

Set to air on CBS affiliate Channel 33 in Miami, FL, Cable, Roku, and in 2019, ensuring viewers succeed in Living Prevention as a lifestyle. A crowdfunding campaign funds production and studio costs to ensure viewers are empowered, enlightened and educated in all things prevention.