Lloyd Industries

Lloyd Industries Has Set a New Benchmark on Residential Safety That Revolutionizes the Construction Industry


Montgomeryville, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2014 --Constructing a building is as much an art as any other. Cement and bricks alone can’t make a house remain strong forever. Instead, there are factors to be considered to increase the life span of a building. Normally buildings constructed using bricks are a lot stronger than structures made of concrete blocks. Additionally a brick building has more life than houses built with other building materials. Yet, to sustain the strength of the building, certain precautions are taken such as developing vents alongside the walls.

Moisture is one bad element that develops on the brick masonry over time. Though it is not an overnight process, a gradual development happens until one fine day the building loses its strength completely. In order to stop this moisture forming inside the brick work, Lloyd Industries has come up with solutions that are nothing but adequate ventilation to be provided for the air to flow in and out freely. The ventilation bricks of this company have lattice designs that allow air to pass through the holes to dry up the wetness on the bricks. During the construction process, there is every chance for the mortar droppings to cover the pores on the bricks. Nevertheless, the holes on the ventilation bricks are large enough to allow air flow.

Water can enter through the brick or mortar or between two bricks that are connected by mortar. The mortar which is so wet or has excessive cement can shrink while drying. This shrinkage can develop cracks on the brickwork for water to enter. But there is a possibility that the presence of lime in the mortar can actually seal up the cracks in the long run. There is a potential risk of insects crawling into houses through the ventilation holes. But, bricks can be treated to keep these insects away from entering. Apart from the advantages of brick vents, People have come to realize houses constructed of bricks have more aesthetic appearance. During stormy weather conditions, there is every possibility for the bricks to get wet and slowly develop moss on the layers of the wall. When the growth of moss increases, it will slowly weaken the building envelop and lead to destruction. So a proper care should be exercised on the brickwork frequently to avoid such havoc.

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