LMS MEDIA-Managed Crowdfunding EZ WordPress Launched on Indiegogo


Victoria, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/24/2015 --An Indiegogo campaign recently launched by LMS MEDIA-Managed introduced EZ WordPress services. The campaign is to crowdfund business growth to serve more WordPress users at a much lower price.

EZ WordPress is a "Set it and Forget it" type service because of the ultimate convenience it provides. WordPress users just have to set up an account at LMS MEDIA-Managed. The EZ WordPress technical team then goes to work. Your site gets a backup first. Next, security is setup and software gets updated.

For less than a $1-a-day WordPress users can now forget about all those technical tasks. EZ WordPress handles WordPress maintenance in a professional and efficient way every day. But that's just the beginning.

From simple upgrades to critical bug fixes, managing a website is getting complicated. The fastest growing part of the problem is the increase in cyber threats. Companies like Sophos help raise public awareness with information like "Security Threat Trends 2015".

No one can deny the rapid growth of cyber threats. Some security experts forecast it is not if but when malware will affect users. So there is no real way know how emerging cyber threats can, or will, affect WordPress users.

One thing is sure. Individual users cannot do maintenance work and create content at the same time. Keeping WordPress up-to-date, secure, and backed-up is already a daily activity for many users.

The irony is, the more technical work one does on their website, the less time they'll get to communicate their ideas. That's a compelling reason to take a closer look at what LMS MEDIA-Managed can do.

LMS MEDIA-Managed provides technical maintenance services at affordable prices. The EZ WordPress system patrols customers' websites and delivers:

- Regular Software Updates for themes and plugins,
- Website Security to guard websites from cyber-attacks, and
- Strategic Backups including a redundant full site backup for a fail-safe recovery option.

LMS MEDIA-Managed is using Indiegogo to fund a public version of EZ WordPress services. According to founder Brian Hack, "Cloud computing services are relatively easy to scale. But to structure a business for public use requires a very different business model. To make this transition, we decided to start by launching a crowdfunding campaign."

EZ WordPress is a "Set it and Forget it" type service because of the ultimate convenience it provides. The service is available at the LMS MEDIA-Managed website. At Indiegogo you can get discounts to reduce prices to less than $1-a-day. The campaign runs until December 23, 2015.

For more information, please check http://igg.me/at/ez-wordpress/x/12764732, https://lmsmedia-managed.com/ez-wordpress/

Media Contact:
Brian Hack

"Security Threat Trends 2015"