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Local Broker Opens Foreclosure Prevention Division


Oviedo, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2008 -- Buyers Choice Funding, Inc. an Oviedo FL Mortgage Broker Business announced on Monday the opening of a Foreclosure Prevention Division to help save homes from Foreclosure.

Company President Jan Gudis said we are reacting in response to the sky-rocketing number of Foreclosures."We have long been known for helping people with less than perfect credit get into a mortgage they can afford by by first working to solve the credit issue and raising their credit score" said Gudis."Because of our reputation, we have seen a dramatic spike in referrals for help. With the new tightened credit standards we are not always able to refinance their existing mortgage".

Our New Foreclosure Prevention Division focuses on homeowners who are 60 or more days late on their mortgage payments and want to stay in their home. Gudis further stated "We are finding lenders in Florida are taking legal action about the 135 day mark on average,so time is critical for us to be able to perform a successful workout.For those situations where we cannot get the lender to accept a workout plan, we help homeowners explore other options to minimize the financial trauma and protect their credit rating".

Gudis also says "The whole Industry is just now getting its arms around this situation. Analysts predict as many as 7 million people in the next five years are likely to lose their homes. The media is telling people to contact their lender and people are listening, but lenders are so overwhelmed we are hearing horror stories about getting anything done. One of our clients called her lender 18 times then gave up and called us and we were successful in getting a workout for her".

The effects begin in local neighborhoods and spread to whole communties and towns dragging down property values across the board. Crime increases in neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates. Vandalism and theft is so bad in certain parts of the country that signs are being placed in the yard stating "No Copper All PVC" to prevent destruction to the property.

With so many families being turned upside down new opportunities are emerging for investors stuck with homes they can't sell.Now rental property is in high demand because people have to live somewhere says Gudis. We are now asking private owners of rental properties to please contact us and let us know if they will rent to these families.Gudis further states "The Foreclosure storm is brewing and its going to be a whopper"

The company offers a free consultation to see if homeowners qualify. If accepted and circumstances turn out where they cannot help the company offers a 100% money back guarantee.

To visit the Foreclosure Prevention Website go to; or contact us by phone at 407-349-2951 or email