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Local Landscapers in RI Provide Homeowners Tips on How to Keep Their Landscape Safe Through the Winter

Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, leading landscapers in RI, are on a mission to educate property owners about protecting landscaping through winter!


Providence, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2023 --The team at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design is happy to announce their latest initiative when it comes to stunning landscaping for area properties. To ensure everyone's landscaping looks its best year-round, they share their best tips for protecting your lawn and landscaping throughout winter.

"Too many property owners neglect to protect their flowers, shrubs, lawn, and other greens during winter," the company owners note. "They often think that their greens simply go dormant once the cold weather rolls in and will just bounce back in the springtime."

This is very shortsighted, they go on to explain. "Cold weather, ice, snow, and snow clearing salt can harm and even kill even the hardiest outdoor features. Property owners should take steps to protect those greens once autumn starts to wind down. This will reduce the risk of wilted and withered greenery in springtime."

With that in mind, the owners of Rhode Island Landscaping and Design are eager to share their tips for protecting landscaping in Rhode Island during winter months. "Spreading fresh mulch is the first and foremost step a property owner should take," they explain. "Mulch helps lock in soil moisture and heat, protecting the ground from freezing. Additionally, it provides a barrier between the soil and corrosive snow salt and other such chemicals."

Also, the owners note that many plants and flowers die once they come into contact with frost. "To prevent this from happening, cover those plants with thick sheets before winter arrives. You still want to provide some airflow, so use pointed stakes around the plants to keep the sheet from touching them. Then, use more stakes to fasten the sheet to the ground." They note that towels work for individual plants while burlap is also an excellent choice for hedges and other larger greens.

"However, don't use plastic sheeting," they caution. "Even in wintertime, plants and soil both need to breathe to remain healthy. Property owners should use plastic around weeds they want to kill, not plants they want to keep." They stress that property owners can purchase burlap and other coverings made for plants where you get supplies for landscaping in Rhode Island.

Additionally, they note that landscapers in RI recommend spraying plants with bug repellant before winter arrives. "Bugs and insects are still busy eating and laying eggs through the winter months," they stress. "To prevent damage, spray your plants with horticultural oil or another repellant before you cover them or when cold weather rolls in. Also, check for potential pest infestation throughout wintertime and spray those plants again as needed. This will ensure they're strong and green once spring arrives."

They shared one last tip with property owners when it comes to preparing landscaping for winter months. "Don't hesitate to bring in potted plants or remove delicate flowers from soil and put them in pots. You can even bring them onto a covered porch or garage overnight and then put them back into the sunlight during the day. Or, consider investing in a heat lamp where needed, to keep plants warm during severe weather."

They also note that property owners shouldn't remove protective coverings too early in the springtime. "Remember to expect late frosts or changing weather, especially here in Rhode Island! Be sure the weather has changed permanently before replanting delicate blooms or removing protective coverings."

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