Aloha Payroll

Local Payroll Company Partnered with Leading Payroll Software


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2019 --Aloha Payroll partnered with leading payroll software company Evolution®, now an Asure Software Company.

"We've partnered with the payroll industry's leading payroll and tax engine, Evolution®. This ensures built-in best practices in data security, uptime, and tax/ACA compliance," says Tom Rathjen, owner of Aloha Payroll.

About Evolution

Evolution® is an effective HCM (Human Capital Management) software that is used for tracking, developing, managing, and optimizing the human resources aspect of any business. In addition to payroll and taxes, Evolution® is responsible for time and attendance, recruitment and training, and HR benefits.

The use of automation tools allows for ease of data input, automated workflows, and tracking. This comprehensive software helps to reduce errors, saves time, and allows payroll entries from throughout the country, as long as internet is available.

About Aloha Payroll
Tom Rathjen and his wife Nicole started Aloha Payroll to offer state-of-the-art and extensive payroll services, including HR and payroll to the public. Seeing a myriad of changes in those services over the last 10 years, Rathjen noticed payroll becoming more complex, and payroll technology was antiquated. "So, we sought out the best software products available for our payroll clients and looked for a 'Payroll Paradise' solution" to provide a modernistic approach to clients," says Rathjen.

As a result, Aloha Payroll partnered with Evolution®, and its cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive payroll services to a vast array of customers throughout the Houston, TX area. Being based in Houston allows Aloha Payroll to eliminate the need for a call center, resulting in a more personalized customer care service.

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